NHL Dallas Stars Diss Kim Jong Un On Jumbotron

With an endless stream of hubbub over the off again, on again movie, The Interview, you would think some would leave well enough alone, but no, NHL team Dallas Stars had to get in the action by adding Kim Jong Un to their annual “naughty or nice” list..

In a “naughty or nice” segment showing on the Jumbotron, they ranked the North Korean leader as naughty, with the following caption:

NHL Dallas Stars Disses Kim Jong Un On Jumbotron


Tech Gurus: FBI Wrong – NKOREA Did NOT Hack Sony

The FBI said Friday that in “no uncertain terms” North Korea, aka, Guardians Of Peace, hacked Sony, but others in the tech community are telling a very different story.

News outlets are widely reporting that North Korea was behind the hacks in retaliation for parody movie “The Interview” but those claims didn’t actually explain how North Korea pulled it off, fueling speculation that it had nothing to do with the hacks.

sony logo

Over the last few days, a lot of people, many of them in the tech community, have come out against the government’s narrative and tried to poke holes in its case.  Continue reading

SONY SURRENDERS! KILLS The Interview Theatrical Release

Sony Pictures released a statement today saying that they have decided kill the planned December 25th theatrical release of “The Interview” amid hacker’s terror threats against treaters and moviegoers.

Almost every major theater chain had already opted to drop the opening on their own before Sony moved in.


“In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not to show the film The Interview Continue reading

Regal, AMC, Cinemark, Cineplex ALL DROP The Interview

Four of the world’s biggest theaters, Regal Entertainment, AMC Entertainment, Cinemark and Cineplex Entertainment have all said they will not show the new Seth Rogen and James Franco flick, The Interview.

The theater companies reportedly dropped “The Interview” over terror threats from hackers in the massive Sony leak.

the_interview act of war seth rogen

Those four companies join Carmike Cinemas in canceling plans to screen “The Interview” on Christmas Day. Continue reading

Seth Rogen James Franco CANCEL ALL APPEARANCES Over Threats

Seth Rogen and James Franco had a full calendar of events planned to promote their new movie,“The Interview,” but every last one has now been canceled.

ALL upcoming media appearances have been nixed over the latest threats made against theaters showing the movie.

the_interview act of war seth rogen

The duo has withdrawn from previously scheduled press appearances, including Rogen’s Thursday appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and a chat with Buzzfeed Brews, leading up to “The Interview’s” Christmas Day release. Continue reading


It’s been a bad year for celebrities when it comes to getting their personal lives revealed on the internet, and now the problem has officially gone from bad to worse.

This time around, a massive Sony leak is said to include celebrity’s most private info, such as social security numbers, addresses and other unthinkables..

brad pitt fury sony hack

The scale of the hack for Sony is said to be Continue reading

Are New Kim Jong Un Images Really A LOOKALIKE?

A lot of folks on social media are saying they think that these new photos of Kim Jong Un are really a whopper body double of a doppelganger, try and say that three times quickly.

The low-rez photos of the North Korean leader were published by state media, alongside a front page article about him. The photos come after speculation went rampant on Friday after Kim failed to attend events on the 65th anniversary of the Workers’ Party.

Kim Jong Un Images Really A Doppelganger

TAmmy On Twitter: “It’s not him! look at the smile! it is so contrived and fake!!!” Continue reading