Afghan Cleric, 60, Arrested For “Kidnapping” After MARRYING Six-Year-Old Girl

An Afghan cleric has been arrested after marrying a six-year-old girl who he claims was given to him as a “gift” by her parents. Mohammad Karim, 60, says the girl was a ‘religious offering’ but now her parents are insisting he kidnapped her.

The Afghan Constitution allows for Sharia law under which children can be married. Karim was arrested, not for marrying the young girl, but on kidnapping charges.

afghan cleric who married girl 6

The Muslim leader claims the marriage happened in the holy month of Ramadan with 40 people at the ceremony including the girl’s mother and father. Continue reading

LGBT Themed Doritos Rainbows Are Now A Thing

Doritos just announced that they have teamed up with the “It Gets Better Project” to sell a rainbow colored version of their popular tortilla chips.

No matter what the color chip, Rainbows promise to taste like classic Cool Ranch.

Doritos rainbows

The chips are only available online, and they’re not cheap, if you have a craving for Rainbows, they will set you back $10 a bag, Continue reading

Miley Cyrus Does UNTHINKABLE With Fan Undergarment

Miley Cyrus’ barely there tour outfits may be the tip of the iceberg after the singer placed thong underwear, that had been thrown on stage, in her mouth..

mileycyrusthong oPt Miley Cyrus Does UNTHINKABLE With Fan Undergarment

During her latest Bangerz concert at Tacoma, a zealous fan threw a thong onto the stage, Miley picked it up, and put it into her mouth, like you do, reports PerezHilton..

miley twiter Miley Cyrus Does UNTHINKABLE With Fan Undergarment
You should be more careful girl! You’ll end up with thong-in-mouth disease.!

Miley Cyrus Nixes Bret Michaels Thorn Song From AMAs

The AMAs have not even gone off yet and the drama dump truck is already backing up. This time it’s TMZs report of Miley Cyrus nixing a planned performance of a song written by Bret Michaels, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” on the American Music Awards.

The TMZ report says “A source connected with the production says the rundown for the show — which includes the song list — changed on Thursday and that’s when Miley’s version of “Every Rose” disappeared. A second source close to the show confirmed the last minute change.”

Many see can’t help but wonder if Cyrus cutting Michael’s’ song was in some way, symbolic, as the Cyrus maternal unit is rumored to have had an affair with Michael’s, which in turn resulted in the Cyrus’ pending divorce.