Did This Dude Get A FRIED RAT In His KFC?

A man visiting KFC in Wilmington, California, claims he found a little something extra in his chicken tenders, a fried RAT.

Devorise Dixon says he was stunned after purchasing a chicken tender box meal and finding what looked like a fried rodent, complete with its tail intact.

fried rat kfc

Dixon insists the tender is a deep fried rat but officials at KFC found found no evidence to support this claim Continue reading

We Demand A Refund! Little Scar Girl Denied From KFC A HOAX!

It has been revealed that the story about a little girl, Victoria Wilcher, who was allegedly asked to leave a KFC in Jacksonville over her facial scars, was a complete hoax!

According to sources with deep knowledge of the investigation, the incident involving Wilcher and the popular fast-food chain, which resulted in the family receiving more than $135,000 in cash, as well as gifts and free surgeries, was completely fabricated.


The investigation is still open and no one from KFC would comment on the new allegations, Continue reading

WTCLUCK? KFC Boots Child Over Pitbull Facial Scars

Something tells us that this is NOT going to go well for KFC..

A 3-year-old Jackson Miss., girl who was attacked by a pack of pitbulls was asked to leave a restaurant because her facial scars scared other customers. Did we mention that this may not go well for KFC?


The family of this precious little girl, Victoria Wilcher, took offence after she was turned away from a KFC over her still healing injuries.
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KFC Chief Buys Colonel Sanders Original Suit At Auction

Masao “Charlie” Watanabe, president and chief executive of Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan, stands beneath a portrait of company founder “Colonel” Harland Sanders on Saturday, June 22, 2013, at Heritage Auctions in Dallas. Watanabe is wearing Sanders’ trademark white suit jacket and black string tie after he purchased them at the auction!

John Brown Leg Irons
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Crooks That Broke Through Wall Of KFC Bathroom Thought It Was Jewelry Store

A gang of crooks screwed up royally while calculating busting a hole through the wall of a jewelry store. Imagine the idiot’s surprise when the hole in the wall revealed, not jewels but rather the bathroom at a KFC.


After the rude surprise the dopes figured they might as well rob the KFC, harassing the employees and eventually breaking into the safe, making off with around $2,500.

The hilarious mistake took place just after 8 a.m. on New Year’s Eve in Beaudesert, Australia, about 45 miles south of Brisbane.

Two robbers reportedly had planned to steal jewelry from a Wrights Jewelers store. However, they smashed their way through the wrong wall and ended up storming into the KFC fast food restaurant next door.

Police arrested the two suspects, who have been named as Dwayne Doolan and Peter Welsh, and said the pair had planned to rob the jewelry store next door, which was full of precious stones and gems. However, rather than finding themselves among millions of dollars of jewelry, they found themselves in a KFC surrounded by chicken and chips and ingredients to make the Colonel’s famous Original Recipe.

As the pair of robbers also smashed through the wall and into the KFC they found themselves the target of bewildered stares from KFC staff, who were working in the restaurant at the time.

The robbers apparently measured where to smash through the wall incorrectly, and in fact broke into the restrooms in the KFC.

Police described that the robbers were unfazed by their mistake, and instead of fleeing the scene, they attempted to rob the KFC instead.

Queensland police have released a statement saying, “The men threatened staff with a metal bar and made demands for cash. Two female employees complied and handed over a sum of cash to the men,” according to ABC News.

The robbers managed to get $2,600 from the tills at KFC, and tried to make their get-away. No one was hurt in KFC.

The two men were later apprehended by Queensland police and charged with armed robbery.

According to police reports in local media, one suspect is charged with one count of armed robbery and two counts of stealing, where as the other suspect is charged with “one count of armed robbery, two counts of stealing, one enter premises with intent to commit offense and one attempted enter premises with intent to commit indictable offense.”

Source CP World


Dumb dumb dumb dumb, dumb.

Girl Sues KFC for Poisoning and Paralyzation – Wins $8 Million!

An Australian girl named Monika Samaan, ate a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Chicken Twister Wrap in 2005 when she was 7 years old, and became seriously ill with salmonella poisoning.
Samaan, who once said she ‘wanted to be a Doctor when she grew up’, will never walk again, as she is bound to a wheelchair forever- all because of the Chicken Twister. Samaan and her family claim that the Chicken Twister was the reason that Samaan suddenly became paralyzed. Samaan was first vomiting and had diarrhea after eating the Twister, then she went to the hospital and went into a coma for six months, which gave her severe brain damage. Continue reading

Oprah’s ‘Free’ KFC Coupons Cause Nationwide Riot!

oprahkfc2On Tuesday, Oprah teamed up with Kentucky Fried Chicken to promote their new ‘grilled’ chicken. She was giving away ‘free chicken’ coupons on her site Oprah.com for 24 hours.

Well, this big idea didn’t turn out so hot when thousands of Americans got turned down trying to redeem their free chicken with Oprah/KFC coupons. “Why!???” Asked thousands of American hopefuls who took precious time out of their day to go all the way to KFC for free chicken…

Because there was a LACK OF CHICKENZ!

Apparently there wasn’t enough chicken to go around for everyone!
Is Queen Oprah to blame???

Here are a few of the tragic coupon stories that have been reported:

Pasadena, California-“I just came back from the North Lake KFC in Pasadena California, where the sign on the door read “We are not accepting internet coupons.”

New York City-“Unfortunately for those who worked on or near 42nd St., in NYC are not able to use the coupons. A KFC employee was literally screaming in front of the KFC stating, “NO MORE COUPONS” and turned people away. Thanks for nothing!!!!”

[My favorite!] Chicago Illinois-“I work in downtown Chicago and the KFC was closed with a sign that said “be back in two weeks”. Can’t imagine what they are avoiding…”
Read more heartbreaking KFC coupon stories here.