oprahkfc2On Tuesday, Oprah teamed up with Kentucky Fried Chicken to promote their new ‘grilled’ chicken. She was giving away ‘free chicken’ coupons on her site Oprah.com for 24 hours.

Well, this big idea didn’t turn out so hot when thousands of Americans got turned down trying to redeem their free chicken with Oprah/KFC coupons. “Why!???” Asked thousands of American hopefuls who took precious time out of their day to go all the way to KFC for free chicken…


Because there was a LACK OF CHICKENZ!

Apparently there wasn’t enough chicken to go around for everyone!
Is Queen Oprah to blame???

Here are a few of the tragic coupon stories that have been reported:

Pasadena, California-“I just came back from the North Lake KFC in Pasadena California, where the sign on the door read “We are not accepting internet coupons.”

New York City-“Unfortunately for those who worked on or near 42nd St., in NYC are not able to use the coupons. A KFC employee was literally screaming in front of the KFC stating, “NO MORE COUPONS” and turned people away. Thanks for nothing!!!!”

[My favorite!] Chicago Illinois-“I work in downtown Chicago and the KFC was closed with a sign that said “be back in two weeks”. Can’t imagine what they are avoiding…”
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