Man Who Stole Oscar Previously Partied With Jimmy Kimmel, Maxine Waters

Meet Terry Bryant Djmatari, the 47-year-old Beverly Hills man under arrest after stealing Frances McDormand‘s Best Actress Oscar. located Djmatari’s Facebook page, and what A Facebook page it is! He was been pictured with countless Hollywood elite, including Oscar host, Jimmy Kimmel, CA politician, Maxine Waters, and actor Tatum Channing, to make a few!

Not only did Djmatari make it to the Governor’s Ball Sunday night to lift McDormand‘s trophy, he stream the event on Facebook Live. Continue reading

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Returns To Address Emotional Monolog “I Saved ObamaCare”

Jimmy Kimmel returned to his hosting duties after hammering tears over the birth of his newborn son, who had to undergo life-saving open-heart surgery hours after he was delivered. Many on the right saw Kimmel’s emotional plea as more of a partisan commercial for saving ObamaCare.

During the tearful monologue, Kimmel advocated for the importance of affordable universal healthcare and encouraged fans to donate to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

On Monday, he addressed the bill recently passed by the House of Representatives that would potentially repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with a controversial bill that could cost millions of people their health coverage. Continue reading

Man Dressed As City Worker DESTROYS TRUMP Walk Of Fame Star With SLEDGEHAMMER

Donald Trump‘s Hollywood Walk of Fame was completely destroyed Wednesday morning by a man dressed as a city construction worker using a sledgehammer and pick-ax.

The brutal vandalism occurred on Hollywood Boulevard, near the Dolby Theatre, where Trump’s star was dedicated in 2007 in recognition of his work on the hit NBC series, The Apprentice.


Speaking to Deadline, the man said his name was Jamie Otis. He said he originally intended to remove Trump’s star completely to auction it off next month in New York to raise funds for the women who have recently come forward to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting them over the decades. In the past few months, 11 women have claimed the GOP POTUS candidate groped or otherwise attempt to get intimate with them. Continue reading

IT’S A BOY! Megan Fox Gives Birth To THIRD BABY

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green welcomed a third bouncing baby boy together! The actual drop is said to have been Aug. 4th, but the news is just hitting outlets today.

Their new son, named, Journey River Green, joins big brothers Noah Shannon, 3½, and Bodhi Ransom, 2. Green has 14-year-old Kassius, from a previous marriage.


Sources close to Fox, 30, and Green, 43, confirmed news of the actress’ pregnancy in April. That same month, she stepped out at CinemaCon in Las Vegas to promote her new film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, sporting a visible baby bump. h/t people


Congratulations to the parents!

Johnny Depp’s Mom Grew Up In an Appalachian Shack But He Gave Her A Fairy Tale Life

It would be an understatement to say that Johnny Depp doted on his beloved mother, Betty Sue Palmer, who died earlier this week. Not only did the superstar take his mother as his date to countless major Hollywood functions, he also spent lavishly on her as well tattooing her name inside of a heart on his left arm.

Palmer, who had been ailing for some time, died in the morning hours Friday, May 20. She was 81. Only days later would Depp’s wife, Amber Heard, file for divorce after 15 months of marriage. But I digress.

johnny depp and mother red carpet

Depp had an especially close relationship with his mother, who was a frequent guest of the actor at various Hollywood functions over the years. Continue reading

How Much Money Was Garry Shandling Worth At The Time Of His Death?

Garry Shandling, star of The Larry Sanders Show, died suddenly at the age of 66 from a massive heart attack. The comedian was nominated for a whopping 18 Emmys for the show, which ran on HBO from 1992 to 1998.

There was no forewarning and Shandling was said to be in good health. Shandling starred in popular TV series The Larry Sanders Show and continued to be hailed as one of America’s greatest comedians. He became a multimillionaire during his long career.

garry Shandling Larry Sanders Show hey now

Shandling had a net worth of $17 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He started his career working for sitcoms like Sanford and Son and Welcome Back Kotter. Continue reading

Borat Makes Surprise Visit On Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEO]

Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Borat, made a surprise visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new movie, but before you get too excited be aware, Borat is not in the movie.

Cohen showed up on Kimmel to talk, (albeit in broken english,) about “The Brothers Grimsby,” his new motion picture about two brothers, one who grows up to be a high-profile spy while the other ends up a very simple family man.

borat jimmy kimmel 2

During his appearance Cohen took time to bash GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump Continue reading

Guess Which 40-Year-Old Was Just Named People Sexiest Man Alive

If you said David Beckham, you were right! Spice Girl forever, Victoria Beckham‘s hubby has been awarded the coveted title of People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2015.

The announcement was made on tonight’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live during a guessing game with the audience.

Jimmy Kimmel david beckham

“I saw it about an hour ago for the first time. Yes, I have,” Beckham responded when asked if he’s seen the cover, and added that it’s “the best moment of my career.” Continue reading

FRIENDS? Jennifer Aniston SNUBBED Matthew Perry Matt LeBlanc From Wedding

They may have played best “Friends,” on one of TV’s most popular series, but off-screen, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc weren’t even important enough for Jennifer Aniston to have invited them to her surprise wedding to Justin Theroux.

Chandler and Joey confirmed they were not invited to Rachel’s secret wedding to Theroux last week.

rosie perez kelly osbourbe the view

‘I was surprised,’ Perry told Entertainment Tonight of the nuptials. Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh Compares Cecil The Lion Death To Planned Parenthood

Conservative radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, on Wednesday’s program, questioned how so many can “get teary-eyed and misty-eyed and sad,” over Cecil the lion, while at the same time not giving a hoot about what’s happening over at Planned Parenthood.

In an effort to connect a vast series of dots, Limbaugh made it a point to express his sadness over the death of the iconic lion, while drawing a parallel to how much more the nation should be outraged over the actions of Planned Parenthood.


“I do know how the animal people are. But I know that most animal people…they have the same attitude toward human beings. Look, I understand the difference. Continue reading