Who is Sarah Snyder? And Is THIS Photo PROOF She Cheated On Jaden Smith?

Sarah Snyder, aka, Jaden Smith’s “girlfriend,” is knee-deep in a cheating scandal that is suddenly blowing up on social media.

The pair of anointed ones have been spotted together for over a year, but now it appears that they’re now headed for a breakup. That is if they were really ever dating in the first place..

Sarah Snyder jaden smith cheat

Shortly after the couple was seen showing some PDA at a New York movie premiere, a photo emerged online showing Sarah in bed with another man, a photographer named Gunner. Continue reading

Will Smith REBOOTS Fresh Prince Of Bel Air! But Will He Star?

Will Smith is going back to his roots, producing a redux of his hit and career making 90s sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and the question most fans are asking, will he also star in the reboot?

Smith’s production company, Overbook Entertainment, say they are looking to put a modern spin on the original premise, “poor kid moves in with rich relatives, hilarity ensues.” Sadly this time around, that kid won’t be smith.

avery smith will smith

While Smith will serve as executive producer of the series, he will not star. That’s a shame because he would have made a great Uncle Phil. Continue reading

Cheaters Hook Up Site Ashley Madison HACKED Threatens To RELEASE Cheater Identities

The cheater’s hook up hub on the internet, Ashley Madison, has been hacked, and the hackers are threatening to release user information unless the site’s owners, Avid Life Media, remove the entire Ashley Madison website and a site called Established Men, both own by the same company.

The site claims to be for married people looking to cheat on their spouses, but now a group of Internet hackers, calling themselves the Impact Group, has apparently taken matters into their own hands.

Ashley Madison HACKED 5

According to Krebs on Security, which first broke the story, says that the hackers were angry about the site’s business model. Continue reading


Like mother like daughter! While most of us are trying to recover from gorging our Thanksgiving dinners, along comes this photo of this 61-year-old grandmother with abs to die for. And this was AFTER dinner!

This bikini babe is none other than Jada Pinkett Smith‘s mom, Adrienne Banfield Jones.

Jada-Pinkett-Adrienne Banfield Jones bikini

Willow Smith took the saucy snap during the family’s Thanksgiving vacation in Jamaica.  Continue reading


cn_image.size.will-jada-pinkett-smith-home-01-family-portraitHELLO WILL? “If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society.” Really Jaden Smith? So? Should your Twitter fans just up and quit school to avoid becoming more dumber? Gosh! What will they do when it comes time to get a real job? Unlike Smith, some of us have to work.. Reality bites in the real world.. Though he already has several FLOP movies under his pampered and elite belt, Smith is already giving advice to his young followers on Twitter, and bad advice at that! Informing them to PASS ON AN EDUCATION.. Continue reading