The cheater’s hook up hub on the internet, Ashley Madison, has been hacked, and the hackers are threatening to release user information unless the site’s owners, Avid Life Media, remove the entire Ashley Madison website and a site called Established Men, both own by the same company.

The site claims to be for married people looking to cheat on their spouses, but now a group of Internet hackers, calling themselves the Impact Group, has apparently taken matters into their own hands.


Ashley Madison HACKED 5

According to Krebs on Security, which first broke the story, says that the hackers were angry about the site’s business model. For those who don’t have to follow this company for work, Madison’s big sales pitch beyond the whole cheating thing is that you can pay them twenty bucks and your profile is completely erased. That, apparently, is not true, at least according The Impact Group’s leaks. h/t uproxx

The popular membership only website site has been accused of facilitating prostitution and human trafficking.