jada pinkett smith high on drugsWill Smith’s family members are not the narcissistic Pollyanna types we thought they were! Sure we’ve all heard the rumors circulating about the sale of the family homestead and even possible divorce, but this next tale knocked our socks off! 

Mama Jada’s got a history with drugs? You heard right, but don’t believe the rumor mill, the actress herself just posted the shocking admission on Facebook!


Pinkett starts out with, “I had many addictions, of several kinds, to deal with my life issues, but today, at 42, I have my wisdom, my heart and my conscience as the only tools to overcome life’s inevitable obstacles.”


“I have become a good problem solver with those tools, and I am damn proud,” she said, adding, “Thank you for all the love that was given to me for my birthday this year. What I hope is that we all continue to gain healthy understanding that life is really about, solving problems, and also about us learning to become masters at solving them.”

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And mama Smith is not the only one with issues, her son, Jaden became embroiled in a Twitter controversy last week after releasing a series of tweets telling his young fans to drop out of school.