The Stepford Wives Actress Found DEAD In Peru At 52

Lisa Lynn Masters, an actress who appeared in many hit movies and TV shows was found dead in Peru after taking her own life. She was 52.

Masters was said to be battling depression when she was found dead inside her hotel room closet after hanging herself while on a modelling trip, officials said.


Perhaps best known for her role alongside Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell, in The Stepford Wives, Masters also had roles in Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, to name a few. Continue reading

Notice Team USA Athletes Covered In PURPLE SPOTS? Here’s why!

If you been wondering what’s up with all the purple spots covering Team USA athletes, relax, it’s not a bad case of Zika! The clownery circles are actually a side-effect of an ancient Chinese healing practice called “cupping.”

Several athletes, including members of the men’s gymnastics team and swimming team have been spotted sporting the dots, including gold medalist, swimmer Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps cupping olympics

While it may look like the Olympians lost a fight with some huge mosquitos, the circles are actually meant to do more good than harm. Continue reading

Donald Trump And Team GET STUCK In Colorado Elevator

Donald Trump along with members of his team got stuck in an elevator while visiting Colorado. The incident caused him to be hours late to his scheduled rally.

The Republican nominee was trapped in the lift for 30 minutes ahead his Friday Colorado Springs appearance. He was eventually rescued by members of the Colorado Springs fire department, multiple local outlets reported Saturday.

trump stuck in elevator colorado springs

According to news station KRDO, emergency crews responded to an elevator rescue at The Mining Exchange Hotel where a group of 10, including the Republican nominee, was trapped between the first and second floor. Continue reading

Social Media Swooning Over Super Bowl 50 Handsome Ref

Social media is going gaga, not only over Lady Gaga‘s rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, but also over Super Bowl 50 head referee Clete Blakeman, who has been dubbed the “Handsome Ref.”

After appearing on national TV, Blakeman garnered the amoration of dozens of new admirers on Twitter, woman and men alike!

Clete Blakeman ref super bowl handsome

“All my gal pals loving this @NFL ref! #SuperBowl @CBNFL34,” said one new Blakeman fan on Twitter.

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DISGRACEFUL! Man Stole VETS TOMBSTONES Used As Flooring In Garage

Kevin Maynard, a worker at the Rhode Island Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Exeter, is accused of the despicable crime of stealing vets’ headstones he then used as flooring in his garage.

Maynard was arraigned Monday in federal court where he is expected to plead guilty.

Kevin Maynard NC tombstone thief.jpg 2

A former worker at the Veterans Cemetery, Maynard resigned after the cemetery learned he had stolen hundreds of headstones destine as flooring in his shed and garage. Continue reading

Donald Trump Intern Accidentally Tweets Photo Of NAZI SOLDIERS In America Flag

A Donald Trump intern is going to have some explaining to do after tweeting a photo of an American flag with Nazi soldiers inset. The tweet has since been deleted.

The hashtag read, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, below was an image of the American flag, the stars and stripes overlaid over a portrait of cash, the White House, SS soldiers and Trump.

donald trump nazi soldiers america flag 2

The photo of the soldiers ended up coming from a stock photo for sale online. Click photos to enlarge.

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Flag Baby Photog Speaks Out: Yesterday Was A Hard Day For Me

Vanessa Hicks, the photographer who captured the now controversial snap of a baby cradled in an American flag is speaking out on the heels of her work’s sudden viral-ness.

Hicks, who was approached by the baby’s parents, said it was their idea to photograph the boy with the flag as a way to pay homage to their military service.

flag baby 2

The following post written by Hicks appeared on her Facebook page:

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Dallas County To Declare STATE OF DISASTER Over Ebola

Dallas County Commissioners are holding an emergency meeting Thursday to declare a state of disaster over “the potential for widespread or severe damage, injury, loss or threat of life resulting from the Ebola virus.”

The declaration may assist officials in imposing new travel bans and restrictions on health care workers, especially those who may have cared for the late Dallas Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan.

Amber Vinson frontier airlines ebola 2

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said Dallas County Medical Director Dr. Christopher Perkins will sign a control order that will follow the minimum guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, blocking those being monitored for Ebola symptoms from using public transportation, including buses and airliners. Continue reading