Demi Moore LAUGHING Hysterically As MORNING FACE MILA Kunis Emerges With Ashton Kutcher

These pictures are actually hard to look at! Holy smokes! The most unflattering pictures I have ever seen of Mila Kunis, by a country mile… Is that what a night of hot sex with Ashton Kutcher will do to a girl’s face? OY! Cancel bucket list number 42…

You know Demi Moore is looking at this post right now laughing her ass off saying, “Look! Ashton’s taking the dog for a walk!”

Mila is cool and all, but you got to admit that Demi Moore is a REAL beauty, even at her age that bitch beats Mila in the looks department…

PBS Fires Fred Willard Hours After Arrest

PBS Fired Fred Willard from the show “Market Warriors” only hours after he got arrested on a lewd conduct charge.

“Given the unfortunate news reported today, effective immediately Fred Willard no longer will be involved with the Market Warriors series. Mark Walberg of the Antiques Roadshow will re-narrate the shows that have been produced so far,” Jeanne Hopkins of WGBH Boston said in a statement.


Willard has not even been convicted yet and is only facing only a single misdemeanor charge of engaging in a lewd act — but that didn’t stop holly-than-thou PBS from pulling the plug in his series, adding serious insult to wrist injury.

Hollywood vice officers arrested Willard outside the Tiki Theater at 5462 Santa Monica Blvd. around 8:45 p.m. Wednesday, Los Angeles Police Department officials said.

According to, officers caught the 78-year-old watching an adult movie with his pants down.

“With all do respect to the individual officer, our belief is that Fred did nothing in any violation of any law. We will be working vigorously to clear his name in this matter,” Willard’s lawyer, Paul Takakjian, said in a statement.

An employee at the Tiki Theater, a 24-hour adult business, told CBS2 that undercover police came to the business twice Wednesday night and arrested an adult male.


Mischa Barton Makes Comeback

Actress Mischa Barton, 26, was known to have an eating disorder and drug problem a few years back, but now, she is looking healthy again.

Barton’s acting career was in the toilet a while, and now she’s making a comeback in a new production. She was recently photographed in leopard granny panties on a street, where she was filming an unknown production.

Barton has a cellulite issue as most 50-year-old women do, but she seems to be more confident with it now than back when she had it worst in 2008.

When she was younger, she was skinnier, and she had more cellulite than now. Makes no sense at all!


Rihanna Cracks Over Kutcher Question from Press

Singer Rihanna landed an acting role in the new film “Battleship” that comes out this Summer, and she was chosen to be one of the actors who discussed the film at a recent press junket.

At the press junket, a reporter in the audience, basically asked Rihanna if she was seeing Ashton Kutcher. Incase you didn’t hear, Rihanna was reportedly seen going to Kutcher’s home at 1 a.m. in the morning and leaving at 4 a.m. over the weekend.

When Rihanna responded to the question, some say that the reporter looked ‘dumb’ for asking, but in my opinion Rihanna looked like a ‘disrespectful bitch’ for answering the question so harsh. But that’s no surprise, as Rihanna is known for being a rebellious act.

Demi Moore On Her Way To Sad Utah For Rehab

Demi Moore entered a rehab facility in Utah. Moore reps say: “Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health. She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of her family and friends.”

It was on January 23 that Demi went into some kind of convolutions when Rumer, her daughter, called 911.

E! Online first reported that Demi had entered a rehab program at the Cirque Lodge, a clinic in Utah.
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Rumer Willis Out Partying Post Demi Overdose

Last night, Rumer Willis went on with business as usual, since her Mom Demi Moore was taken to the hospital after overdosing on drugs last week.

Rumer Willis Rumer Willis Out Partying Post Demi Overdose

Willis hit some SAG after parties, and was seen having cocktails and smoking cigarettes.

Willis went to People Magazine’s after party and hung with some Glee cast members, then she went to Harvey Weinstein’s Chateau Marmont after party.

CONFIRMED! Ashton Kutcher: New Man on Two and a Half Men!

UPDATE: It has now been confirmed! Wow this rumor is really picking up steam, as in it may actually be true!

Ashton Kutcher may IS filling the void on “Two and a Half Men” and I must say I think he makes a fantastic replacement for the rollCharlie Sheen stupidly squandered.

CBS won’t comment directly to a purported contract Kutcher just signed that will ink him to a 3 year deal on “Men” along side Chuck Lorre, Warner Bros. and the entire gang at CBS.

Kutcher delivered a cryptic Tweet Thursday night that left fans wondering if he was confirming the deal, the Tweet read, “”what’s the square root of 6.25?” The answer is 2.5, as in “two and a half.”

Transcript Charlie Sheen Torpedos of Truth Highlights

Charlie Sheen highlights from episode 3 ofTorpedeos of Truth.

Charlie just getting, going, gone: “Now that I have your lazy f-cking attention, world, sit back and rejoice for the mouth of a messiah, the Count of Calabasas, the f-cking warlock of your jealous face sits before you, undigested hummus, trading real estate for this fire dance.”

Charlie on the past women in his life: “Oh how they once begged to attend my perfect banquet in the nude, now they only beg- for the keys to my gold.”

On his guest list for Charlie’s War: “Their names slightly altered to keep their stench from polluting my magic daiquiri.”

Sheen’s Hitlist:
Less-Than Les Goonves: “The promise of getting something yet receiving nothing. In vitro side all the shining pool boys rejoice and line the block around your house. SIZZLE.LOSING.BYE”

“Wow it must really suck being you right now. The pulp of fiction suits you well. Since childhood short, weak, thick glasses, never seen by a goddess, only owned by a bully like a bitch. Sizzle, losing, bye.

“Can you smell your mother’s tears from some distant memory as she scattered her pathetic creation asking all around her why this feeble abortion survived.