VIDEO: Upper Deck Guard Rail GIVES WAY Injuring Several NJ Snoop Dogg Concertgoers

Several people are said to be injured after a guard rail collapsed at a concert headlined by Snoop Dogg in Camden, New Jersey.

Police say a stretch of railing separating the upper deck from the area below gave way sending concertgoers down hard to the ground. Several people were said to be injured.

accident fence snoop dogg camden nj

Several medics and ambulances are on the scene. The extent of injuries is unknown at this time.

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Meek Mill Learns The Hard Way, Listeners Don’t Care About The Process

It’s safe to say that Meek Mill is the undisputed loser in a war of words, (and schick,) that was spewed in an effort to discredit fellow rapper Drake. But now that the smoke has cleared and Drake has been declared victorious, what does the dismissal of facts say about us? The listening public? Maybe it says that most of us don’t care how a good song is made, we only care about consuming good music.

Meek and his cronies made a fairly good case against Drake, alleging the R.I.C.O. rapper uses “reference tracks” in the creation of his most popular songs, but in the end it fell on deaf ears because we the general public don’t give a hoot about the process, we just want a bumpin’ track we can put on blast.

drake meek mill

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David Cassidy Rehab Hell: Wifey Files For Divorce

David Cassidy, the Justin Bieber of the 1970s, is headed for divorce after somehow managing to stay hitched for 23 years.. His wife, Sue, decided to pull on the marriage while David is struggling to complete rehab.. Ouch.david and sue cassidy

Cassidy’s wife filed the daunting divorce docs to seemingly inflict max pain to her soon-to-be ex, while the actor makes an honest effort to complete a rehab stint after being arrested for suspicion of DUI three times since 2011. Continue reading

David Cassidy Arrested DUI Drugs [MUGSHOT]

FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA – Monday November 8, 2010. David Cassidy, former star of the 1970s TV show The Partridge Family, was arrested on Wednesday evening after blowing .14 on the breathalyzer. The 60-year-old former teen heartthrob was caught allegedly driving recklessly by Fort Pierce, and was caught with a half-empty bottle of bourbon in his Mercedes. Police said Cassidy eventually admitted to drinking of a glass of wine at noontime, and that he also took a painkiller for his back pain. Cassidy was taken to jail for DUI and released on bail Thursday morning. The incident might affect Cassidy’s appearance in the next episode of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.”