The same chapter of the Ku Klux Klan that recently threatened to use “lethal force” against any potential Ferguson protesters, is currently under a hack attack.

Anonymous” launched Operation KKK, (hashtag #OpKKK,) breaking into Klan computers and posting photos and personal information of St. Louis Klan members online.


Ferguson Protesters Burning American Flags 3

After Anonymous posted photos and personal information, including addresses and job positions, of Klan members living in the St. Louis area on Saturday, the Klan taunted the hacker group on Sunday only to see Anonymous take over their Twitter account two hours later.

Late Saturday, on the  Twitter account, the Klan began mocking Anonymous, tweeting out “Anonymous is nothing but an act. Don’t be worried by this, fellow klansmen. #OpKKK #HoodsON,” followed by “Anonymous is nothing but a bunch of wannabes. They won’t take any action. We will not be brought down by some low-lives behind a screen.”

h/t rawstory

Last week, Frank Acona of the Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK defended handing out fliers in St. Louis calling Ferguson protestors “terrorists,” and threatening, “We will use lethal force as provided under Missouri law to defend ourselves.”