Rihanna! Didn’t someone warn you yet that the road to hell is paved with good intentions? This may be an understatement as the singer is getting railed in the press for showing up 3 hours late to an appearance at Barrington High School in Chicago in honor of their winning placing first in the national ‘Shine Like a Diamond’ video contest. Let me set the picture for you, over 2,000 teenagers gathered in a school gymnasium, anxiously awaiting Rihanna’s arrival, and she’s stuck in traffic… And ends up being 3 hours late…

At one point, the 25-year-old posted a photo of her driver on Instagram with the caption: ‘This Chicago traffic is not working.’article-2297876-18DEEDA8000005DC-410_306x423


Some Barrington High teens tweeted their frustrations, others returned to classes to finish work and remaining groups even started their own dance contests to pass the time. At an hour and a half late, students finally heard word from Rihanna via a Twitter update.

So when Riri eventually did show, she was dressed in a red and white varsity jacket with a red pencil skirt, a real sight for sorry eyes, but the kids had better of got a good look, because sadly and to their great disappointment, she only stayed 12 minutes…

After then congratulating the producers of the video and telling them to ‘keep up the good work,’ the singer stayed to pose for pictures with students. Though she kept them all waiting for three and a half hours, her appearance lasted only 12 minutes. dailymail

Double parked Rihanna?