Ebola Germ Can Live On Surfaces Up To 7 WEEKS

While we have been told that the Ebola disease typically dies on surfaces within hours, a study, citing tons of research, concludes it can survive for more than seven weeks under certain conditions.

The tests, conducted by the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) found that the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus can live on samples stored on glass at low temperatures for as long as 50 days.

Ebola Germ Can Live Up To 7 WEEKS On Surfaces

The left-hand charts plot survival rates of Zaire strain of Ebola (Zebov) and Lake Victoria marburgvirus (Marv) on glass (a) and plastic (b) at 4° (39°F) over 14 days. Continue reading

Parents Of DEAD Daughter Strapped With $200K Student Loan Tab

Steve Mason and his wife Darnelle are being mercilessly tapped to repay $200,000 in student loans, even though their 27-year-old daughter Lisa Mason died of liver failure.

Unable to swing the $2,000 a month repayment plan, the California pastor says he is also unable to legally declare bankruptcy, as student loan have been conveniently excluded from the program.

Lisa Mason school loans

Each time they have appealed to the lenders to beg for help, the couple have been told that the only solution is to repay the mammoth loans – some of which have interest rates of 12 percent – in full. Continue reading

Why Did PIPPA Give William And Kate THIS WEIRD Baby Gift?

File this gift under, it’s the thought that counts. Pippa Middleton is responsible for giving William and Kate this interesting pair of baby hands and feet cast out of solid silver as a christening gift honoring her new nephew, Prince George.

Some are calling the gift unusual gift while others are calling it plain creepy!

Pippa unusual christening gift to baby George

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HOLDING OUT HOPE! Khloe Kardashian Spotted Wearing WEDDING RING

Khloe Kardashian snapped stepping out with her kin, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie while showing up at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas on Saturday. By the looks of Khloe’s ring finger, she still has high hopes her druggy hubby, Lamar Odom, will someday be wandering back to the homestead.. We wouldn’t hold our breath Khloe, that is as long as the ex-NBA baller is hooked on smoking the crack.khloe wedding ring Continue reading