A ‘hungry’ man was arrested at a Walmart in Fort Smith, Arkansas, after acting erratic and for biting people! The man’s actions has left people wondering ‘why’ he was on the hunt for human flesh, especially at Walmart when there’s so much food to chose from? The biter, Jason Marshall, who was out at Walmart yesterday in the middle of the afternoon, got himself into a pickle after trying to bite a Fort Smith police officer, while being questioned for his erratic behavior in the store. Apparently, before officers came to Walmart to arrest Marshall, he dove behind a counter and tried to hide- like that move was going to work!?? Marshall then tried to bite various officers who came at him while hiding behind the counter. He bit one officer so hard, he bled and had to get medical attention, according to a Fort Smith newsoutlet. The officers tased his ass, then covered his face with a muzzle-type mask and arrested him! Marshall is being held at the Sebastian County Detention Center. He faces battery, assault, resisting arrest, and public intoxication charges.

Reminds us of scene from The Walking Dead

Why was he so hungry for flesh? Is he another zombie? Officers said that when they reviewed Marshall’s history, it showed that he has seizures, but his biting rampage is NOT a side effect of a seizure. The report does say that he was intoxicated, but there were no details of how much he had to drink. Does alcohol cause people to bite others? Could this be another cover-up of a real zombie outbreak?


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