Verified Twitter Users Suffer Follow-Back Blow

Carey - May 9, 2012

Being “Verified” on Twitter may seem like a good idea for those wishing to look cool and official, but if you’re on a mission to get lots of followers, this checkmark could be the single worst thing you could show off next to your name.

You’ve seen it, the little blue checkmark displayed next to some elite Twitter usernames, confirming their identity, but is this really one of the worst things to display if you’re looking for follow-backs? The answer is, without question, yes.


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When people are engaged in the process of gaining followers they will almost always pass-up folks displaying the Verified checkmark and the reason is simple, these follow hounds automatically assume you’re a @snob and they also assume that you’re NOT going to follow them back! It makes little difference noting the fact that you do follow back because that user is probably already gone.

Other coffin nails for gaining followers include the damn animated gif that you thought was such a good idea. The .gif often shows up as broken on many sections of Twitter and then of course, all the way downstream. Another ill-advised practice is failure to associate a face with your Twitter account or equally as bad, using the “Egg” icon.

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