Crazy like a fox, Charlie Sheen’s instant Twitter success is an indication that he may actually be “Winning” at least on popular micro blog, Twitter.

Sheen opened his Twitter for business only two days ago and already has amassed over a million followers. Charlie may hear the beeping of the money dump truck backing up to his house because Twitter followers are found money for Sheen, a single “product placement Tweet” can easily bring at least $10,000, each.


Some of Sheen’s first 140 character limit zingers have been at no charge like this gem:

No word on what Sheen might try to hawk first on Twitter, however, the sky’s the limit when it comes to potential advertising suitors. If you follow Sheen on Twitter then chances are you will find him Tweeting, touting the wonders of a new electronic cigarette or singing the praises of Axe cologne, oh, and something about a “baby mama” or two.