We saw this one coming! We knew that Levi Johnston has been skipping around West Hollywood for the last month not only trying to “shop his reality show”, but he’s also been fame whoring like no tomorrow!

A day after our exclusive story here at ThecounT.com came out about “Levi being a big hit with the gays” and Levi getting an order of cupcakes with his Playgirl Magazine cover on them, Bristol Palin (Sarah Palin’s daughter) has BROKEN OFF THE ENGAGEMENT WITH LEVI.Although Levi is a cutie, and he is really friendly, he’s not husband material. He’s been living it up in West Hollywood, charming all the gays. They loveeeee him too! Our inside source, who has been in communication with him and his team, says that “the gay district in West Hollywood has totally taken him in”. I say the “gay district” because you may or may not know that the majority of West Hollywood is predominately gay, but the gayest area where the gay bars set, is on Santa Monica Blvd. in between Fairfax to Robertson. Levi has been seen prancing around this area since around mid-June.


“It’s over. I broke up with him.” Said Bristol Palin. She told People Magazine in a phone interview a day after ThecounT story broke, that Levi is “obsessed with the limelight.” She said that she’s only seen him once in the past three weeks. She finished, “The final straw was him flying to Hollywood for what he told me was to ‘see some hunting show’ but come to find out it was that music video mocking my family.”

Levi was “in Hollywood to see some hunting show”? What? Did People Magazine mean “to sell a hunting show”? Levi is in West Hollywood shopping his reality show with producer Canaan Rubin, but they are also having some fun along the way. I don’t think any Alaskan style hunting events go on in West Hollywood…erhh…

Wow, that must suck having to find out what your boyfriend is REALLY doing via gossip blogs! I really am sorry Bristol, that I broke the story about him in West Hollywood. Hope that didn’t break you two. Everyone there in WeHo really likes him and he’s nice! That’s a good thing… :/ It’s all fun n’ games til’ someone gets hurt.