britney spears cage lisa mason lee 257x300 Britney Spears Still Trapped in a Conservatorship!

Will Britney even get to keep ANY of her hard earned ‘Circus Tour’ money to herself!!!???


Britney’s conservatorship with her father Jamie Spears has been ‘extended 6 more months or even up to one more year’ say lawyers involved in the case.

Daddy is still going to get his $16,000 a month, and Mr. Co-Conservator mystery man “Andrew Wallet” will be getting paid a large sum of $174,569.10 for his help from July-December 2009. Oh, and Britney has to pay around $300,000 in attorney fees for all of this!!!

Let’s not forget our last leech! Our favorite! K-FED!!! Doesn’t he still get $15,000 something a month?

Is this the high price you have to pay for being one of the most famous people around the world?

Love you Britney. Hang in there! Don’t let this get you down! You’ll be free again soon! XOXO