Nickelodeon “All That” Returns With Kenan & Kel, Other Original Cast Members, Amanda Bynes? Nick Cannon?

LOS ANGELES, CA. (THECOUNT) — 1990s Nickelodeon series “All That” is making a comeback this summer with Kenan Thompson serving as the show’s executive producer, Variety reported on Thursday.

Thompson, a “Saturday Night Live” star who got his start on “All That,” in 1994, will be joined by his “Good Burger” co-star, Kevin Kay.

According to Variety, there will be an all-new cast as well as some familiar faces from the show’s original 10-season heyday.

No official word on if we will see original cast members, Amanda Bynes, Kel Mitchell, Danny Tamberelli, Nick Cannon, Josh Server or Lori Beth Denberg.

Additionally, comedian Jermaine Fowler will consult on the series, ABC reported.

You’re a dude, I’m a dude, we’re all a dude.

Courteney Cox Looking, Um How You Say, Different

Cougar Town star, Courteney Cox, has claimed she is not getting any work done, but these picture from a recent red carpet may say otherwise. We say she looks great as usual.

The ex-Mrs David Arquette, told Closer magazine: ‘It’s no secret I’ve had some Botox in the past, but I won’t go under the knife.’

Courteney Cox puffy face

Cox was attending the premiere of Amazon’s drama series The Hand of God in Los Angeles. Continue reading

Amanda Bynes Returns To Twitter In SUPER SKINNY Selfie

Amanda Bynes making her return to Twitter after a nearly one month absence.

Bynes posted a super skinny selfie with the caption, “I’m loving Boutique Jules!” likely in reference to some free clothes that came her way  ..

amanda bynes skinny

Bynes, appearing to be in a dressing room, was wearing a black, yellow and white crop top with pencil skirt. Continue reading

Amanda Bynes SECRET AUDIO: I Want To Slit My Dad’s Throat

Amanda Bynes is a very, very sick lady who needs more than help, she need a padded cell, and STAT before she hurts herself or someone else, in this case, her father.

In the sad world of Hollywood friends, Amanda’s recent roomie, secretly recorded the troubled actress as they drove around Hollywood. Among other things, Amanda says that she would get “great pleasure” out of slitting her dad’s throat..


The audio was recorded a week ago by one of Amanda’s West Hollywood roommates as they drove. Continue reading

Amanda Bynes’ Dad: Our Daughter Is Missing

Amanda Bynes‘ father made a rather shocking admission to a reporter, saying he currently is unaware of his troubled daughter’s whereabouts.

Amanda was recently arrested after being pulled over for suspected DUI. Officers later said Bynes was tweaking on Adderall.


Mr. Bynes says he knew nothing about his daughter’s arrest early Sunday morning. In a sad confession, he admits he and his wife don’t know anything about Amanda’s DUI charge, nor about her release on $15,000 bail. They didn’t bail her out; she didn’t come home and she’s missing. source

Mr. Bynes suggests his daughter may be in New York.

Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps Arrested DUI

The man who captured the world’s imagination by winning a gaggle of gold medals at the 2008 Olympics, Michael Phelps, was arrested for DUI in Baltimore, Maryland early this morning.

Phelps was stopped by authorities at 1:40 AM while traveling in his white Land Rover, at that point field sobriety tests were administered and failed. The swimmer blew almost twice the legal limit.


Officials just issued a statement saying Phelps was initially pulled over for going 84 in a 45 … and during the stop, the officer noticed he was hammered. Sources say Phelps was hauled to a nearby station where he was booked for DUI — Continue reading


Amanda Bynes was arrested on Sunday, 29th of September, 2014, in the morning at 3:00 a.m., on charges of driving while intoxicated.

Police “determined she was under the influence of a controlled substance” and charged her with a misdemeanor.


Bynes allegedly stopped the Mercedes she was driving in the middle of an intersection on Van Nuys Boulevard in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, according to TMZ. Continue reading

CNN CLOSE CALL As Nearby Gaza Building BOMBED Live On-Air

CNN correspondent, Karl Penhaul, while delivering a live report from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday had to duck and cover after a blast from Israeli shelling of Gaza City struck a nearby building.

After the strike, smoke could be seen coming from the building.

Karl Penhaul building bombing Gaza Strip 2

The camera stayed trained on the blast, and viewers saw white smoke rise from the explosion site. After Penhaul ducked out of the shot and away from a window, CNN anchor Poppy Harlow explained what was happening. Continue reading

Amanda Bynes Mom: Psychotic Episodes Caused By MARIJUANA

Amanda Bynes‘ Mother may be fighting an uphill battle after trying to convince folks that her daughter’s bizarre behavior was all a direct result of — wait for it — The actress’s marijuana use..


The Bynes attorney is trying to record straight on speculation Amanda suffers from schizophrenia, mostly because people with schizophrenia — don’t get movie roles..

Now Amanda’s mom is taking the rumor to task, telling Us Weekly via the family lawyer that there hasn’t been any diagnosis at all.

Continue reading

Amanda Bynes Caught In Lie? Incriminates Self After Denying Secret Twitter

Amanda Bynes recently posted a selfie sketch on Twitter while at the same time denying she owns and operates a secret Twitter account under the nick: @PersianLA27. BUT Bynes may have unwittingly incriminated herself after it was discovered @PersianLA27 also posted a sketch that looks ALOT like the actress’ sketch selfie..

amanda bynes sketch Continue reading