Bandit Lee Way makes her debut via Twitter

Desiree - May 28, 2009

Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, the cherubic baby daddy of emo, is now the father of a little emo princess. Mikey Way, bassist for MCR, Levar Burton announced via Twitter, (uggghh), that Bandit Lee was born yesterday night weighing in at 6 lbs., 5.6 oz and is “healthy and happy.” Her mother “Lyn Z” or Lindsey, Mindless Self Indulgence bassist, is said to be in great spirits.

Gerard and the baby parade

Gerard and the baby parade

I wonder if having 2 emo musician parents will cancel out Bandits chances of a similiar fate. She’ll probably grow up, change her name to Ethel and become a nun or a librarian.


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It has been pointed out that Levar Burton “tweeted” the announcement of the birth and Mikey Way “retweeted” it shortly thereafter. So RT means retweet?  I could care less.

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  • Can it be true about Cheryl & Olly or is this merely yet another internet rumour? I’ll tell you what I heard… Olly Murs and Cheryl Cole sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G! LOL!

  • Terence Mulac

    I heard somebody talking about this on the radio yesterday, but I can’t remember what station it was.

  • Mickey Pasley

    When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

  • Mikey

    What? No I am not gonna feed your Unicorn! No way am I gonna feed him!

  • Gerard

    I have no idea how they got the idea that you liked unicorns! Ha! Well anyways can you feed James for me? I’m kinda busy taking care of Bandit.

  • Mikey

    I thought we were against this emo thing. Seriously Gerard? You brought up the Unicorns again? The fans got it all wrong! You’re the one who likes unicorns not me!

  • Gerard

    Wait what? Why didn’t I hear about this until now? Me Emo? Lyn-Z Emo? Bandit em- oh I am not gonna finish that! Blah! Emo is imaginary! Unicorns are totally real!

  • doingnothing

    jeez. this is late too…MCR are definitely not emo. I hope they look after Bandit – I mean not that they won’t, sure they’re probably amazing, but there’s gonna be loads of screaming fans who are overly obsessed with their child. So yeah.

  • Nelly

    Ok this is pretty late, but why does everyone say fecking instead of f***ing? Anywho, MCR is not emo, fangirls need to calm down, and haters… Just… why are you here?, and lastly I’m excited for Bandit and she’s lucky to have two amazing parents.

  • Kristen

    Ugh, you people disgust me. MCR is one amazing band. They save lives, ARE NOT EMO. Whoever wrote this blog can go hide in a closet, seeing that thats where they oughta be! Btw, you just got told by a 13 year old girl.

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  • edith

    wow! reallywhat i think is that bandit is gonna be really pretty especially with those type of hot parents

  • edith

    cool my school didnt block this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Riah

    Yeah, this article was mildly offensive, but a lot of you are giving a bad name to the others who disagree. Learn up some grammar techniques so the rest of the MCRmy doesn’t look so stupid.

    Bandit has good parents. She might choose to change her name, but I doubt she’ll join a convent. All in all this article was well written grammatically, but full of opinions that will get… Well… These reactions.

  • Caaiittt

    heyy yep MCR saved my life :) and tbh as long as the fans know they arent emo we shudnt drool on about it :) emo or not theyre still an amazing band but saying something harsh about a baby who comes from an awesome family is wrong. Bandit Lee Way sounds amazing :) and whoever wrote that. grow up a bit cause theyre a family. You wouldn’y like it if someone picked on your family because they’re different, so don’t do it to them. + I LOVE BANDIT SHES AMAZINNNGGGGGG AND SOOOO CUUTTEEE hahahaha

  • buy kamagra

    I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest.

  • lindsay

    maybe no one is paying me to defend their honor, but doesn’t that prove that my chemical romance HAS made a difference? they have dedicated fans, and i can, like a lot of other mcr fans, say that mcr has definitely saved my life. so, gerard way isn’t paying me to defend him, i WANT to defend him and his baby, and people that are just gonna bullshit about my chem being emo and about how bandit is a horrid name for a baby, go suck a big one.

  • sane ;)

    seriously ? get over yourselves guys . noone is going to care, no matter how much you say ‘ MCR is not emo , MCR is not emo , they are anti suicide blaaah blaaah blaaah . ‘ . okay , great , we all know that but whats the point in getting all upset ? it doesnt upset MCR does it . who really cares if someone calls them emo ? it is so not a big deal . just get over yourselves (: congrats to Gee and LynZ though , that baby is sure to be an amazing musician and artist just like her parents (:

  • Kai

    Is it bad to say i thought Bandit was a boy at first, it was before i found out the gender and heard the name first, but CUTE!!

  • HelloKitty

    Congratulations to Gee and Lyn-Z :D
    I know they had their baby, like, AGES ago, but I never got round to posting anything…
    And to all you people who call MCR emo, you obviously don’t listen to the lyrics, just the music, and even that’s not as ’emo’ as you lot think it is!!!
    Bandit Lee is a gorgeous name, I wish I could call my daughter that (when I have one, of course…) but it would be classed as copying. I’ll just need to think of a better name instead :)

  • lindsay

    oh, please -____-
    picking a fight with a baby.
    since you’re officially an OLD dumbass, you can post whatever the hell you want to online,
    but i still think its f**king stupid to go say negative things about a freaking baby -__-
    and dont pick on their parents.
    may be successful, famous, and attractive, but thats no reason to pick on them.

  • Christine

    I really don’t care what Gerard Way does with his life. But I gotta say that all of you douchebags who think MCR is emo are wrong. MCR is not emo. Emo does not stand for emotional. Emo is emotive hardcore, not emotional music or whatever s**t you think it is. Get your facts straight.

  • kai

    fu*k you guys. they’re not emo.
    mother fuc*ers.
    sick of arseholes like you calling things ’emo’

  • XRumerTest

    Hello. And Bye.

  • Lucy

    D: I wanted it to be a boy. Just saying, Isn’t bandit a boys name?
    I hope she is emo, that would be lol, And MCR are emo, they probaly all stit their wrists n their bathrooms in their free time. (BTW, I am a fan of MCR, they rock, I’m just pretty pissed about being called emo coz I like them)

  • sere_romancer

    oh my god!they are NOT emo!u.u

  • HannahLou

    They’re not emos…
    Whoever wrote this is a gimp. And Bandit is a pretty emo name anyway so no need to change it if she took that lifestyle and if she did (which I highly doubt) Gerard WOULD NOT be very impressed.

  • Dr. Evil

    MCR went from a band with nothing but ideas and a message that related to almost anyone to big time power players with Kanye type egos. Sadly, now that money & fame has gone to the frontman’s head, it has become a sick joke. Bragging about how rich you are and basically don’t need another penny so you can s**t on or look down at “smaller people” makes you an egomaniacal hypocrite, let alone another tradgic story of how fame & fortune turns you into a selfish small disgrace of a person. Absolute power absolutely corrupts. Such a sad way, no pun intended, to go out.

  • Spartacus, I hope they are not secretly EMO! BTW, I had to fire the writer who penned this story over the tremendous backlash I received over this damn post.


  • Spartacus

    lulz. I’m I the only one who think the reason all these people get up in arms about the ’emo’ thing is because they are all secretly emo? I hope they’re baby isn’t a s**thead like her parents.

  • noname

    …what does the baby look like? XD

  • Oksana

    okay you are a dick! Gerard isn’t F#%King emo! Neither is Lyn-z! He even says emo is s**t! Bandit is going to be talented! Go suck a cow dick and stop making fun of a BABY! You pathetic piece of s**t!

  • Chelsea

    Haha you sound so ignorant, calling a baby an emo. Calling people you don’t even know emo. How are they emo anyway? Not that because “they wear black” crap either. It’s kind of rediculous how people just throw the word out there at anyone they think “looks emo”. It’s simply ignorant and well, rude.

    Anyway, I say congrats to Lyn-Z and Gerard they are both seem like talented and cool people in my opinion.

  • geewayluvr

    I agree that gerard and lindsey arent emo and if you dont like them or their baby dont write about them also congrats!! gerard and lindsey,i cant wait to see the pics of bandit!!!; and bronx and bandit shouldnt date cause their names,thats sooo retarded!!

  • ???***???

    why the hell have you called him emo, do you know that theres no such thing as ’emos’ and who are u to say that b.i.a.t.c.h! im have only just turned 11 and i have more common sense than u, cow!

  • ???***???

    if this is an adult saying this you are completely mad and its pathetic.wat are you to abuse a child like that and you need to get a fecking life mate you inappropriate twat!

  • JILL

    OK, what you wrote was quite funny, but i am a BIG fan of MCR and saying obnoxious and childish things about a little baby and her parents is beyond sick. ESPECIALLY because Gerard & LynZ are good parents… as they haven’t posted any pictures of Bandit Lee on the internet yet, therefore are spending much time with her and showing her much affection and don’t want her to become an internet figure. Gerard and LynZ’s parenting could change for the worse- as anyone’s could… but that is highly unlikely. Therefore, until then, MCR haters should not speak negatively of the Way Family.

  • Panda&Rudi

    I have spoken to my friends, collegues and fellow punks/rockers/indie-rockers/moshers/goths/scene-kids about this article, various other articles and the government’s/police’s/law’s commments over the term ’emo’, particularly the sad passing of Hannah Bond. A unanimous decision has been made: if these kinds of attacks, misconceptions and maltreatment of the individuals (known by the ignorant members of society as ’emos’) continue, we will take action. We will make a stand – people ought to be appreciated for who they are. We WILL stand together and fight for who we are.
    Any others that would like to fight against societie’s prejudicies against us should do so. If any of you would like to set up an internet page on facebook or bebo, go ahead and do it! Leave comments on here to let people know about it and we’ll join you!

    To whoever the hell wrote this stupis article,
    I, along with many others, am still waiting for apology.



  • elizabeth

    OMG! i think its cute that he named his daugther bandit lee that name is awsome . im might even name my daugther that !!! this is so cool he is a father !!! i love u gerard !!!well good luck with ur little girl :D

  • Panda&Rudi

    I am a fan of both MCR and MSI, I wear a lot of black and heavy eye makeup (so I suppose YOU would call me emo) but I have tried not to let this affect my judgement in the above comment. I say the same thing no matter who I am defending – so long as a person doesn’t maliciously/deliberately upset another, they should be allowed to be themselves.
    We are all individuals, but we are all equal too and should respect all those that follow this simple principle.

  • Panda&Rudi

    To the author of this article,

    1) There is no such thing as emo – its basically some alternative name for goth (not saying that goths cut) who happens to be suffering from depression etc.

    2) Gerard, Lyn-z and Bandit are not whatever the hell is stereotyped as emo. Bandit’s parents are two very brilliant, talented, UNIQUE musicians who have a wonderful daughter. I’m sure they will let her make her own choices in life and be good parents.

    3) You come across as an absolutely despicable person. Bandit isn’t even old enough to talk and you are already launching and attack on her and her family, as well as any MCR/MSI fans. Just because someone looks different & has a different taste in music doesn’t mean that they are so-called ’emos’.

    The MCRmy/MSI fans will undoubtedly skin you alive (or they may engage in some other form of torture) if they find out who you are (it’s not a threat, it’s a fact), so I suggest you post an apology on here and discontinue your attack/s against anyone different. Please consider how things you say so carelessly can upset and distress other people, not to mention the Way family and the bands.

    I look forward to reading your apology.

  • josie new zealand

    that comment above waz written by me

    lv u guyz

  • josie new zealand

    okok wow this has started a huge fight soo lets clear evety ting up ok
    1. they r not emo
    2.if u have a prob with them then fine u dnt need 2 write s@#t bout them ok
    3. it is a baby it cant even talk yet ok so jst leave da lil cutie out of it
    4. there is nufen wrong wid emoz it is da persons own life u cant change how they feel
    5. im frm auckland nz and there is da MCRmy over here 2 and we want every1 2 stop fighten i bet if garard saw this he would b ashamed dat u r bringen his daughter into this long as lyn-z and gee r hapi we should all b hapi
    7.they r people jst like us they jst gt off there assez and did sumfen bout there life and we should do the same
    8. they DO save lives
    9.look at were they grew up no wonder they were dark clothes and sing bout death ild like 2 c u try live through there child hood not every 1 has had da best life so jst drop it they can make music bout anyting they want it is there band
    ok people jst remember this and take a breth none of u can change them no matter how bad u want to we should jst look up 2 them and try do sumfen would our life .. and remember u dont HAVE 2 like them no one is judging u we r all different BUT u dont need 2 insult all da mcr and msi fanz if u do it will jst gt all of da MCRmy pissed off sooo now that this is all said we can all b happi 4 there happiness a new life waz made and i wish them all the best soo i look foward 2 c them in nz again and 2 all mcr and msi fanz we need 2 work together and thankz 4 readen xox every1 josie proud member of da MCRmy

  • Andrea


  • MCRrocks!

    you really suck! MCR is not Emo. FECKING STUPID PREP! There.. how does that feel? not good huh? well don’t press it onto other people.

  • Maggie

    WHO wrote this??!!
    Im mean come on
    Just because someone likes to dress in dark clothing and plays in a rock band DOESNT mean there “Emo”
    Way to sterotype people
    What has this world come to?


  • Torro

    Ok, sooo, to all of you gettin stupid and emotional. Go get lives. Please. Am BEGGING you. Ok. YES they said they weren’t ‘Emo.’ But they dress like it, wear makeup like it, talk like it, sing like it and pretty much is the epidemy of ‘Emo’. I am NOT trying to bash MCR or MSI, ya, lol, I was sad when I heard Gee was having a baby, I wanted him to marry me XDDD Buuut I’m happy for them. And all you people who are mad because this person has a sense of humour. Go to the store. Buy a baseball bat, go outside the store. And hit yourselves with it a few times. Kay?

  • Mikey

    Duuude. Why bother posting this is you hate them so much? Don’t torture yourself…ppl could start calling you emo.
    Call me emo all you want though, I don’t give a feck. Nor do I care anymore what you call the bands. I’m pretty sure they’ve given up you ppl too.

  • laurenxxx

    sham on u 4 pickin on Bandit and gerard he is the best and u probs worship crap music like *puke* miley *PUKE* cryus *puke* and gerard is not emo he is a rocker he h8s emo and every1 has sed MCR SAVED MY LIFE so go suck a railroad or flush ure head down a toilet

  • brittany

    wtf is ur problem!! gerrard and lynz are not emo! and what the hell ur picking on a newborn that just came into the world??!! i love msi and mcr and stop saying theyre emo!!

  • rica

    i dont know what to say but
    if your happy im happy for you to have
    your own child
    im still your fan

  • amanda

    wow bandit is going to be georgeous and u have no clue what u r tlkin bout stupid asses and they do save lives ur just jealous cause u cant fag

    love u bandit, lyn z, gerard and the whole mcr-msi

    U ROCK OUT FRIKIN LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    yeah srry to pissed to stop there u are an inconsiderate dirt bag who knows nothing u prolly are really a girl or ur just fecked up bandit did nothing to u and im sure she will be very good at what ever it is she decides to do more than likely more sucessful than u and prolly not as much hated

  • amanda bruner

    wow u are stupid i agree with all of them they are anti emo if they knew u said this they’d all prolly smack the s**t out of u u really need to get ur facts straight and do ur reaserch before u open ur big mouth

    any way i love gee and lyn-z and wish the very best for them

  • Desiree

    hmm nice name, mines desiree too.. but i have a bit of a different view on this.
    i hope your trying to be funny.. and if you are.. work on your people skills hun.

  • Lani

    I’m so happy for Gee and Lyn-z!!! :)

  • Zo

    i belive Bandit will have lots of oppertunites and life and i have belive what she does will be speical maybe not to me or not to you but specical

  • a person

    ooh again lol.
    hmm. I’ve seen the baby.
    Bandit is so adorable, lol.

    she will turn out beautiful, smart, creative, and artistic.
    dude she probly has a better life then you posting s**t.
    on twitter lol

  • a person

    Well.. Hmm.
    you should never say s**t about Gerard Way
    or Lyn-Z.
    and they arent emo. they are just hot haha.
    Lyn-Z is so amazing shes like a sister to me.
    Gerard hates emos and hes totally against it.
    emo is a type of stuff people make in this world.
    its pathedic.
    MSI isnt emo. they are the freakin bomb!
    MCR isnt emo. they feckin save lives!

  • tonyasuz

    Yes, I understand you. In it something is also thought excellent, agree with you.

  • VIDkid

    miss desiree if you want to hear emo music listen to jets to brazil or neutral milk hotel. mcr can not be put into any musical category cuz every thing they do sounds (and looks) different.
    btw. the photo you have of gw makes him look like the guy from acdc

  • Zoie Reamer

    Gerard is not emo.
    He hates emo.
    And the baby will turn out fine in the future.

  • dylan


  • haha your hot!

    haha wow your getting famous..not in a good way though..well that’s what you get for calling them emo!!!!now the whole mcrmy is getting you

  • Zoe Toro

    Okay gerard and whole of mcr are not emo i hate dicks at school eho csll u emo when u were mcr shirts i mean comon they should get a life,besides jocks used to liesten to emotional music but in the 1990’s the so called emo’s stole there music and thats why theres always a feud between emo’s and jocks
    Congrats on Bandit and Newly Dad Gerard

  • Your Stupid

    Emo? Really? I suppose you only say this to aggravate the many fans of MCR and MSI, so that could be okay. But if your really stupid enough to really call them emo, read them up and get a life.

    In other, more important matters….YAY! :] I am so happy for them, this kid is totally going to be loved throughout the world! <333 Ahhh man I love those guys!

  • Your Face

    Really now, Lyn-z being emo? Might as well call Marilyn Manson preppy.
    What was the point of this entry for, anyway?? Just to annoy people?
    Stop bullying newborn babies and start picking on people your own age. We’re all wasting our time.

  • Kyra

    Hasn’t Gerard himself stated over and over that he isn’t emo? He’s not, and neither is MCR, and I don’t think Lyn-Z is either.
    And shame on you, picking on a little baby. You probably are in LOVE with the Jonas Brothers *barf* or something. Why would you write a whole entry on something you don’t even like anyway? Just to offend people like myself who DO?

  • Dbuggy=)

    Gerard isn’t emo. He has said in interviews that he doesnt like emo music and he is always telling people during concerts, interviews, and everywhere else that nothing is ever worth hurting yourself over. so i guess that makes him emo, huh? maybe you should do your research first.
    I love MCR and i’m not emo, like at all.

  • flor

    creo que sos una boluda
    por que Gerald no es un emo
    asi que medi tus palabras
    stupid crazy mather fecker!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ya for Baby Bandit! I’m strongly against the idea of Bandit and Bronx getting together. That would be a bad thing. Also, I think defending MCR is a pointless cause. They aren’t emo but the dumbasses will always say they are and for some reason, they go around typing their stupid opinion about how much MCR sucks and blahblahblah. None of us fans give a damn. We like ’em and I’m gettin way off topic. So yay for the new baby!!!

  • Chloe

    Why are you being so horrid?

  • Ronni.

    I love how everyone calling the author of the article that called them a dumbass, said ‘your a dumbass,’ which is such a contradiction in itself it’s hilarious. MCR isn’t emo, woot. Who gives? They look pretty emo to me. Their music is pretty decent, and MSI is good, too. Well, congrats on existing, Bandit. Hopefully you’ll grow up to marry Bronx and you’ll be one big happy EMO FAMILY.

  • Anonymous

    Stupid mofo

  • MiraShinku

    hey you, stupid mofo who wrote this stupid fecking article. How nice of you, seriously, go get a fecking life. If you hate the band then don’t fecking hate the baby too. Seriously, do you know how retarded you sound? Hahaha! I’m rolling on the mofo floor laughing with my fecking ass off, yeah. You sound hilarious bashing on a baby. LOL

  • Michelle

    I love that you guys are all pissy about this post.dumbasses. I thought my little brother was the only person who cared to fight the good emo fight. Feck Emo and Feck MCR, they totally sold out with all their bullshit merchandise and preachy concerts where the lead singer can barely hit his notes. He uses you with the whole MCR is saving lives so buy my s**tty comic book for support madness. He gave his kid a pathetic name and I can’t wait to see the Spin magazine layout where they take family pictures. You little kids should find yourselves a real hero, read a book lame asses.

  • Amanda

    You are all retarded. You’re getting angry at someone for posting about some baby rebelling against their parents to become good.
    Are you all 10 fecking years old?

    You guys need to get a life.

    I love MCR, I own their albums but they don’t pay me to defend their honor. And being called emo is not the worst thing in the world especially when you’re a band that dawns makeup, sings about vampires and broken hearts and is quite clearly EMOtional.

    You guys need to seriously get a fecking life. It’s just a band of millionaires who want you to buy their bulletproof vests on their website..hilarious..

    Listen to My Chemical Romance because it’s decent music but if you guys need to worship someone make it Bono instead at least he makes a difference in the world.

    You losers are the dumbasses.

  • Mel

    1. Gerard and Lyn-z are NOT EMO!
    2. It’s bad to be making fun of someone, but a newborn? Guess who’s the immature one here?
    3. If you say that “MSI aren’t emo” and that you weren’t “baby-bashing” (when you clearly said both) then delete your damn post and make a new one!

    Anyways, Congrats to Lyn-Z and Gerard. I Hope Bandit Lee Way grows up to be healthy and happy!

  • miminogen!

    gosh, neither gerard or lyn-z are emo!!!!! so you’ve just made an idiot of yoursel. lol!
    neither of them like emo at all!
    also, congrats to lyn-z and gerard!

  • Spekle

    wow you’re an dumbass. They are ANTI EMO dumbass. Get your facts straight because you obviously made an idiot of yourself.

  • punkrockgirl

    OMG congradz gee and lyn-z luv U and hope bandit iz happy in her home. and to frank i hope U got the role of god-father you wer pressing for.

  • elizabeth way

    okay, geard and lyn-z arent emo! and stop feckin pikkin on a little innocent two day old baby!! sheesh!!! i’d go on but every one else probably already made it pretty clear to you anyways!!!
    nd congratz to gerard nd lynz!!!! i cant wait to see the baby pix!!!

  • hot damn

  • BanditLeeWay


  • Gresa

    congradulations you arsehole everyone hates you.
    picking on a baby like that, if you did your fecking research you would know mcr aren’t emo and are in FACT against it.
    i won’t brag on because everybody has pretty much said the same.
    a child has been brought into the world, at least be happy for them, sheesh

  • Andressa

    Congratulations to the parents!
    Best wishes!
    I love you so much!
    Kisses little Bandit

  • OliviaJean

    They are so against emo, all of them! Congratulations to all of them and the best of luck!!!!

  • youradumbass

    your an dumbass..stop saying gerard is emo..and stop saying bandit is emo..duh bandit is just a baby..get a life..

  • Samantha

    I got so excited then I was like bandit?!?! I wanted a male that I could date XD but I would be a lot older a lot of pol have kinda weir baby names but I love them so who cares LOL

  • Zo

    my bestfriend told me bout little Bandit this moring i screamed so much embrasingly i faitned

  • this post is a smash hit :)>

  • meow

    bandit. at first i didnt like that name and though they were out of their minds, then it kinda got a ring to it.

  • Alyssa >_

    holy s**t wtf is youre problem…
    one: if you knew anything about mcr/ gerard way you’d know that their totally against emo. i dont know much about msi, but im positive lyn-z wouldnt be to pleased either. in fact, gerard openly states that emo is bullshit b/c it used to mean something, now its just a pair of jeans and a haircut. plus, mcr is very anti-suicide, and its not uncommon for fans to say mcr’s music saved their lives.
    Congradulations to Gerard and Lyn-Z…im sorry that people are already giving you s**t about this…jackasses! xD

  • elf

    Wow. The picture of Gee you’re using reminds me a little bit of the singer from Creature Feature. :P anyways…
    Yay! Congratulations to Lyn and Gee! :D I’m sure the kid is gonna be quite popular, I just hope Gerard and Lyn can protect her and keep her in the right crowd. :\

  • Anonymous

    ^Get a sense of humor :/

    LOL btw and congrats to L+G

  • billparsons

    Could you be more of an dumbass? Picking on a day old baby?

    At least try to write something accurate.

    Since when is MSI emo?

    Mikey’s Twitter read :”mikeyway RT @levarburton Congrats to my friends Gerard and Lindsey who are first time parents as of 2:57pm PST. Welcome Bandit Lee Way…!”

  • samantha

    why are you calling gee emo? and lyn-z?