Ozzy Osborne Suing Old Buddy Tony Iommi Black Sabbath

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Ozzy, most likely prompted by his wife Sharon, has brought a case against his old friend, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, the band that made Ozzy famous.

Ozzy claims Iommi does not have sole ownership to the Black Sabbath trademarks related to merchandise, however, Iommi claims he has been the only constant member of the band.

No matter who wins in this case, it’s always sad when two old friends can’t pick up the phone and avoid legal action.


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  • Jared

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  • Luciferus

    pookie, that’s the most stupid thing i have ever read..ozzy was grate, that’s true! His voice was bad but that maked it superb in a strange way! but ozzy never wrote any of the lyrics…he only sung them..furthermore Iommi is/was along with Geezer the real force behind Sabbath creatively speaking. And this has nothing to do about who is more famous? you are just a no good fan, it’s about the music not how big Sabbath would have been without ozzy, iommi a fool? don’t think so he came up with some of the most bad ass riffs in history, nuff said!

  • pookie

    Iommi is a fool because Ozzy has more right then he does because if it wouldn’t for Ozzy,Black Sabbath would have never gotten off the ground and be famous like they were.So Iommi needs to shut his mouth and grow up.Ozzy will always be more famous then he will ever be.

  • As if Ozzy didn’t capitalize enough after all these successful years-so the Osbournes need the money now? Maybe they need diaper money for Jack and Kelly.