Mickey Rourke Fashion Icon?

Carey - February 20, 2009

The Calendar section of the newspaper has a front page article about how stylish Mickey Rourke is…or namely how he’s going to change the face of fashion forever. That’s funny because Victoria Beckham is slaving away in a sweatshop with Ethiopian children making her new line of clothing TRYING to be a front page fashion icon.

Actually he does look good and it kind of jazzes up the normal outfits.

293rourkemickey2011109I also wanted to post some older photos of him. He was really cute way back when!!!   Now I feel like it’s a bit “Man Without A Face” and shiz. Would you date him?


TRENDING: Do You Love It??


mickey-rourke-plastic-surgeryGo on with your bad self you FASHION ICON!!!

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Do You Love It?? | Above It All at the Oscars
  • kkkkk

    what the heck happened to him…..who is that now????? an earlier mickey is go it going on, but ahhhhhh not now.

  • DAWN


  • JoeM

    I find it embarassing to see him now. Plastic surgery cries out insecurity. Whata botch up. Another celeb going under the knife, looking like a freak. No respect for natural appearance. What the hells wrong with people?

  • Sally

    WHOAH. WHOAH. Hold! Up! What is this Phil Again guy talking about? I’m so with you, Punching booby bags! I saw Michey out on Rodeo an he was alll about the fashions and benches and leashes on the lil itty bitty doggies at the park. UNDER ATTACK! F’IN F’IN!

    xoxoxoxo Michey FOREVA! He’s my baby daddy (in my dreams!!!!!!!!!) No- he’s my baby dadddy with all my babys!!!! YES!

  • Phil Again

    Erroneous! Erroneous! I know Mickey! He HATES chimneys. And his love thing is pure magic – he would never just ‘work’ it arbitrarily – he’s very picky. And religious. Amen.

  • Punching booby bags

    I disagree with the above comment. Mickey is so not down to earth. In fact, I betcha he’s out flying a kite right now, cleaning some chimneys, working his love thang all over beaches of all things sexy. I’m there. He’s my recurring sex dream. Yum

  • Phil

    Would love to take him out. I’m sure he is really down to earth and never drinks. We could get drunk on love. Then cuddle. Ooooooooooohhhhh Mickey-poo-Mouse

  • Anonymous

    however he may look,he does look better than Jason Statham

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a rug that has been laying around in a toiletroom at a busy trainstation, used to be a good looking man now all we see is trash and he has very bad manners toward lady’s!!!

  • Ram Jam !…

  • The Wrestler come Back :)

  • Anonymous

    what happened to his beautifully gorgeous face and features that i fell in love with in rumble fish..??

  • Silvie

    He really looks very good and I would love to go to a date with him! No doubt about he is perfectly gorgeous.

  • Ege

    I find him stunning as well.. That’s an appropriate description for him.

  • nutsymagee

    i would love to go on a date with mickey rourke, i find him stunning…