Sad News For Family Searching For Missing OR Woman Leisa Ann Blackburn Stewart

Leisa Ann Blackburn Stewart, the Dallas, Ore., woman reported missing, has been located dead.

Dallas police officers say they found Stewart lifeless on Wednesday in Tillamook County, almost a day after she was reported missing.

Stewart, 53, was reported missing Tuesday around 6:30 a.m.

Officials haven’t specified a cause of death, however, they do not believe a criminal act factored in her death.

A family member posted a missing persons alert for Stewart on Facebook yesterday:

CVS Employee CHASES DOWN Dallas Shoplifter SHOOTS HIM DEAD

A 31-year-old shoplifter was chased down, shot and killed in Dallas, TX., by CVS employee, Julio Ruvalcaba, who is now facing a murder charge. Ruvalcaba is said to be in charge of “loss prevention” at the store.

Dallas Police say, Christopher Geddes was caught on camera last week, stealing “an item” and running out of the store. Ruvalcaba, 36, chased Geddes in his vehicle. The pursuit resulted in a fatal shooting.

A police report states witnesses called 911 to report seeing a Camry and a Camaro chasing each other on a local highway. The Camry collided with a street sign at an exit, causing it to stop at an intersection. The arrest report said Geddes “who was sitting in the passenger side of the Camry, exited the vehicle and walked towards the Camaro.” The getaway driver for Geddes told Dallas Police Ruvalcaba then pulled out a gun, shooting Geddes. The shoplifter died a short time later, police said. Continue reading

Man Poses For Risqué Photoshoot in Lumber Yard As Anniversary Gift To Wife

Jonathan LeFleur, from Dallas, has found his 15 minutes of fame after posing in a lumber yard in a series of photos meant as an anniversary gift for his wife.

The ‘dudeoir’ photoshoot is to be compiled into a calendar as a gift for his lucky wife who will no doubt get a big kick out of all his model-like poses while reclining on planks of wood and balancing on poles.

Wearing nothing but a high vis jacket, boots, underpants, a hard hat and sunglasses, LeFleur was photographed with poles and building materials.

LeFleur appeared to relish playing the role ‘Johnny Lumber’ – assigned to him by his brother-in-law, photographer Josh Melton. Continue reading

Local Dallas News Tornado Touchdown Coverage

LIVE NOW BELOW: Dallas Tornado Coverage, local KTVT. Via mashable: Multiple tornadoes touched down in the Dallas-Forth Worth metropolitan area Saturday night, causing widespread damage as the death toll from severe weather in the South and Midwest of the U.S. increased to 18.

Tornadoes were reported in Rowlett, Farmersville, Glenn Heights and elsewhere, but the National Weather Service has yet to confirm the total number of twisters whipping up north Texas. One storm chaser who was Periscoping as he followed a tornado northeast of Dallas said that one was more than a mile-wide.

Local Dallas News Tornado Coverage

At least four were killed in Garland, which is near Rowlett, in what may have been a traffic accident during the intense weather, according to the Dallas Morning News. Continue reading

DNA: Parents Worst Nightmare Confirmed El Salvador Doctor Switched Baby

Texas couple, Mercedes Casanellas and her husband, Richard Cushworth, left a hospital in El Salvador with what they thought was their baby, but as it turns out, the baby was actually switched with another – on purpose..

Casanellas and Cushworth, both missionaries, were working in Latin America when she gave birth to a baby boy at a private hospital, but before the couple returned to their Dallas, Texas home, Casanellas says she knew something wasn’t right.

mercedes casanellas richard cushworth wrong baby 2

She says the baby she was handed at the hospital looked different from the one she held in the delivery room. Continue reading

Dealership Security Cam Shows Christian Taylor Jumping On Cars

A new surveillance video taken at a car dealership shows Arlington football player, Christian Taylor, jumping on cars in the moments leading up to his death.

Taylor, 19, was shot and killed by an Arlington police officer in a training, 49-year-old, Brad Miller.

Christian Taylor car dealership

Police are only saying that there was ‘some type of altercation’ inside the dealership about 1 a.m. on Friday when Taylor drove his Jeep through an Arlington dealership Continue reading

Two Shot Dead In Texas at First Annual Muhammad Drawing Contest

Two people are dead of gunshot wounds after attending the first annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Texas.

The program, held by political activist Pamela Geller, was self-described “free speech event.”

Pamela Geller Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest


The suspects may have had explosives on their person, according to a WFAA reporter at the scene. There are also initial unconfirmed reports the suspects were armed with AK-47 guns. Continue reading