Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Pinterest – Flaunts Vintage Body Building Pics

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a status update on his Facebook thanking his fans for pinning various pictures of him up onto his Pinterest page. He wrote, “You can see the photos I have pinned so far here. Keep the submissions coming. Great ideas, and remember, if I use the photo, I will thank you in the book.” We don’t know what ‘book’ he’s talking about, but it sounds like if you pin up a picture of him, you may get credit in this so-called ‘book’!

Schwarzey has a photo album on his Pinterest page, dedicated to photos of him in his ‘Bodybuilding’ days (favorite!). He also has an ‘Acting’ album, a ‘Governor’ album, a ‘My Causes’ album and a ‘Recent Trips’ album.

Let’s focus on his ‘Bodybuilding album’ haha! Here are my favorite pictures of him that were pinned up.


Controversial Obama Full Video Leaked (what a dud :)

The video that Andrew Breitbart said he was going to release, of President Obama being racist, is going to be shown anyway, in spite of Breitbart dying mysteriously just days after making that announcement.

Breitbart’s team got ahold of the vintage Obama video, and they are taking the entire video to Hannity tonight to air!

The video “shows a young Barack Obama leading a protest at Harvard Law School on behalf of Prof. Derrick Bell, a radical academic tied to Jeremiah Wright”.
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