Arnold Schwarzenegger made a status update on his Facebook thanking his fans for pinning various pictures of him up onto his Pinterest page. He wrote, “You can see the photos I have pinned so far here. Keep the submissions coming. Great ideas, and remember, if I use the photo, I will thank you in the book.” We don’t know what ‘book’ he’s talking about, but it sounds like if you pin up a picture of him, you may get credit in this so-called ‘book’!

Schwarzey has a photo album on his Pinterest page, dedicated to photos of him in his ‘Bodybuilding’ days (favorite!). He also has an ‘Acting’ album, a ‘Governor’ album, a ‘My Causes’ album and a ‘Recent Trips’ album.


Let’s focus on his ‘Bodybuilding album’ haha! Here are my favorite pictures of him that were pinned up.