Monty Brinson, Kim Richards First Husband Dies

Monty Brinson, a supermarket-franchise heir, professional poker player and the ex-husband of movie and reality star, Kim Richards, has passed away. He was 59.

Brinson died after a hard fought battle with lung cancer.

Monty Brinson Kim Richards young

Brinson and Richards, the star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, were married from 1985 to 1988 and had one daughter, Brooke. Continue reading

Kim Richards of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ARRESTED

Kim Richards, a reality star and actress, got herself arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel after refusing to call it a night.

Richards was allegedly snookered and acting-out when a hotel security guard placed her under a citizen’s arrest at around 1:30 am.

Kim Richards escape to witch mountain

When the police arrived on scene, they found Richards very intoxicated and combative while holdup in a bathroom. At one point she kicked an officer. She was then cuffed and hauled off to the slammer. Continue reading

LeAnn Rimes Ex Dean Sheremet Spills His Guts

LeAnn Rimes‘s ex-husband Dean Sheremet, is finally spilling the beans when it comes to his former private life with the country singer.

The couple enjoyed seven years of wedded bliss before calling it quits in 2009 and now, converse to common knowledge, Dean says it wasn’t LeAnn’s affair with Eddie Cibrian that caused the breakup.

Dean Sheremet

Sheremet made the revealing comments speaking to blog, Nat’s Next Adventure.

Dean says his inability to separate their professional and personal life did them in. Continue reading

BLINK: FIRST Kendall Jenner Estée Lauder Ad DROPS

Late last year, Kendall Jenner landed a contract with Estée Lauder in the company’s push to lure younger buyers.

This is Jenner’s first ad coming in the form of a Youtube video hawking a new product, Little Black Primer.

Kendall Jenner Estée Lauder Ad 8

As for the accompanying video, Jenner does a nice job blinking and swiveling her eyeballs to the beat of a dramatic club soundtrack. Continue reading

RHOC Alexis Bellino Sports Daring Poolside LINGER-KINI

Former Real Housewives Of Orange County cast member Alexis Bellino dons a revealing lingerie style bikini attending a Las Vegas pool party.

Nice way to mix it up? Or come on girl, ENOUGH! Comment below!

Bellino, 37, showed off her curves in a pink lace and zebra print ensemble complete with silver heels while working the Encore Beach Club located at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Kim Kardashian Trespasser Cops Dispatched

Kim Kardashian called police to her home in Beverly Hills when a stranger showed up at her gate with luggage TMZ is reporting…

Apparently the guy was telling security that he intended to stay at Kim’s Bev Hills house.

According to TMZ sources … the man showed up late last night. We’re told he buzzed the intercom at her security gate and claimed Kim had flown him into town to stay with her — and that he was supposed to be working on her reality show. We’re told Kim got freaked out when the man refused to leave and a member of her security detail alerted police.

I think it’s safe to say this guy is either an attention whore or an attention lover.

Vicki, The Annoying Housewife, Receives Death Threats

Vicki Gunvalson, one of the ANNOYING stars of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County, recently received a death threat from an obsessed female fan regarding something Gunvalson ANNOYINGLY said to co-star Jeana Keough. Keough also got an email threatening Gunvalson (the fan said she’d “take care of Vicki for her”) and spoke to about the troubling situation because we all know Vicki is actually REALLY ANNOYING and we aren’t surprised. Violence is never the answer even though Vicki is super duper ANNOYING.

“This is a highly edited show and people should not take it too seriously,” Keough said. “They cut something from one show and edit it to a segment from another episode. Unfortunately, there are a lot of crazy people out there and this person perceived that Vicki was being mean to me.”

The former Playboy Playmate expressed some other reservations about the show’s current workings. “Personally, I wish we would carry more positive messages as we did in seasons one and two – where we told people not to do drugs or to drink and drive for example,” she said. “But I guess the producers have other ideas – maybe that’s why I’m not in the show that much any longer because I’m boring.”

As far as her relationship with Gunvalson, the two are doing fine. “As far as I know Vicki is doing okay but the police are right to take this threat seriously that’s why I forwarded the e-mail to her.”

Orange County cops are still investigating the death threats made against Gunvalson.