From Ronda Rousey To Willie Aames It’s ABC Battle Of The Network Stars REBOOT

ABC has debuted a Battle of the Network Stars reboot, which is so rebooted, it comes complete with network stars who competed on the original pop-culture classic which aired from 1976 to 1988.

This time around it’s back to the future with Willie Aames, from Eight Is Enough, MMA fighter, Ronda Rousey, Roseanne’s ex, Tom Arnold and 100 other personalities (complete list below) from 14 different network and cable companies.

For this new version, fielding of the teams will be based on the TV characters people love from over the years to the current day—cops vs. TV sitcoms, White House vs. lawyers, TV moms & dads vs. TV kids, etc. In this way, viewers will get to see everyone’s favorites from over the years, even if they spanned different networks at the time. Continue reading

Ronda Rousey Caught Using Slimming Photoshop Image

Former UFC champ, Ronda Rousey, got busted using a photoshopped photo promoting her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Rousey posted the image to her Instagram, but after getting exposed on social media, she came forward claiming she was unaware it had been tweaked.

ronda rousey photoshop

I have to make an apology to everyone – I was sent a picture to share on social for Fallon that was altered without me knowing to make my arms look smaller. Continue reading

Ronda Rousey: I Considered Suicide After Holly Holm Loss

Ronda Rousey said while appearing on Ellen, that she considered committing suicide after suffering a devastating loss to Holly Holm last November.

Fighting back tears, the former UFC champion talked getting knocked out for the first time in her career and how it threw her into a major depression.

ronda rousey knockout

“I was sitting in the corner and I was like what am I anymore if I’m not this? I was literally sitting there and like thinking about killing myself in that exact second,” Rousey revealed. Continue reading

Lamar Odom Moved From Hospital To “Facility”

Lamar Odom‘s maternal aunt JaNean Mercer has issued a statement saying the former NBA star has been released from the hospital and moved to a new facility.

Mercer said the new facility is for his “transition to the next stage of his miraculous recovery.” She did not mention the name of the new facility Odon will now reside or when he is expected to be released to go home.

lamar odom hospital

“Lamar continues to make remarkable strides,” said Mercer, “and we are asking that you continue to respect our privacy. Continue reading

When Bruce Jenner Spoke People Listened, As Caitlyn Jenner, Not So Much

Caitlyn Jenner has officially canceled her 5-city speaking tour over soft ticket sales. In contract, Bruce Jenner speeches regularly sold out.

The tour named, “Unique Lives and Experiences,” was set to open in Toronto on February 22, but venue sources say ticket sales were beyond dismal. Predictably, Jenner’s reps cited “scheduling conflicts” as the reason for the pulling of the preverbal plug.

Caitlyn Jenner leaked Photos 6

We spoke to the Toronto venue and they told us there were still “a lot” of tix left for Caitlyn’s speaking engagement when she backed out. Continue reading

Ronda Rousey Hit With Mandatory 6 Month Suspension

On the heels of her stunning loss to Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey has been placed on a 6-month medical suspension pending a head CT scan.

Rousey will not be allowed to fight in the UFC again until mid-2016.

ronda rousey plastic surgery lip

In light of her stunning, lopsided loss to Holly Holm, the promotion has placed the former undefeated champion on a six-month medical suspension stemming from a concern over the possibility of a head injury.  Continue reading

Sad Ronda Rousey Lands At LAX With BF Travis Browne

Ronda Rousey landed at LAX with her boyfriend Travis Browne, returning home from Melbourne to a crush of hungry paparazzi.

Rousey wore a hoodie, large sunglasses and positioned a pillow over her face in an effort to hide her injuries.

ronda rousey injuries picture

The fighter didn’t want anyone to see the damage Holly Holm did to her face — taking drastic measures to cover up as she arrived back in L.A. moments ago. Continue reading

Ronda Rousey Video Surfaces From Right After Fight

Here’s a video of Ronda Rousey directly after her stunning lost to Holly Holm that most of us didn’t get to see. The UFC star is seen dazed and confused while she tries to collect herself on the canvas.

A massive-underdog, Holm delivered Rousey to a place that she had never been before, over on queer street near a world of hurt. The video is titled “Ronda is fine,” however it must be sarcasm because she looks anything but “fine.”

ronda rousey beat up

A new video has surfaced that shows Rousey shortly after she regained consciousness after being knocked out. Continue reading

Ronda Rousey To Undergo Plastic Surgery Over Severely Lacerated Lip

As Ronda Rousey recovers from her devastating loss at the hands (and feet) of Holly Holm, she’s now learning she will face several plastic surgery procedures over a badly lacerated lip. Rousey’s handlers are frantically searching Australia for the best plastic surgeon.

Rousey, who is said to be “depressed” and “bummed out” after losing her UFC title, will now have to undergo plastic surgery to repair her busted chops.

ronda rousey plastic surgery lip

Ronda was kept overnight in an Australian hospital.  White tells us she does not have a concussion but there’s a “very big gash” in the middle of her lip. Continue reading