As Ronda Rousey recovers from her devastating loss at the hands (and feet) of Holly Holm, she’s now learning she will face several plastic surgery procedures over a badly lacerated lip. Rousey’s handlers are frantically searching Australia for the best plastic surgeon.

Rousey, who is said to be “depressed” and “bummed out” after losing her UFC title, will now have to undergo plastic surgery to repair her busted chops.


ronda rousey plastic surgery lip

Ronda was kept overnight in an Australian hospital.  White tells us she does not have a concussion but there’s a “very big gash” in the middle of her lip.  White and team searched for the best plastic surgeon in Australia, who’s going to do his handiwork today. Ronda, who spent the night in the hospital with her sister, did not talk about the loss.  As Dana tells us, “The last thing a fighter wants to do is talk about a fight when they lose.”  White says, “There was not a lot of talking.” h/t tmz

The UFC honcho is ready planning the rematch, “There will absolutely be a rematch.  It’s the fight that makes sense.”