Kate Middleton Publically BALD SPOT SHAMES William

bald spot joke_kate-middleton-prince-william-article

Hey Kate! It’s all fun and games until somebody’s feelings get hurt! So we gotta ask, has Middleton gotten a little too big for her married-into britches?

William laughed it off, but he was blushing in embarrassment.. after the Royal lottery winner publically bald spot shamed him, even suggesting the PRINCE – wear an animal on his head.

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Prince George AIR SWIMS In Effort To Get Back To Mama Kate

Air swiming! A brand new sport invented by, none-other-than, Prince George!

prince george air swimming

“Mummy, come back!” When Kate Middleton handed Prince George to Prince William today, the younger prince took it as an opportunity to show us just how wiggly he is.

Perhaps George thought he could flap his way back to his mother, as Kate turned her attention away from him momentarily to greet the VIPs who came to Sydney Airport to meet them.

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IT is one of those embarrassing moments, when you realize you’ve put up the wrong slide.. A news producer realized his mistake too late after pushing the wrong button and displaying the image of newborn parents, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge exiting London’s St Mary’s hospital with the caption “Asylum Tragedy”.584212-nine-caption-blunder Continue reading


The great Kate wait is almost over! The Duchess of Cambridge is in labor!!!!!!!!!!! Middleton was admitted to hospital early this morning and is expected give birth any minute! And not just any baby, a future king or queen!kate

Prince William is with his wife at the private Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, west London, where he himself was born in 1982.  Continue reading

STUCK: Kate Middleton Gets High Heel Caught In Street Grid

Kate Middleton and her baby bump were not the ones getting all the attention today! AND I bet you think I misspelled “great” right? Soon it will all make sense, rest assured that soon you’ll know what I’m talking about…

dutches kate

The Duchess of Cambridge’s baby bump WAS visible as she and Prince William met soldiers for the anual St Patrick’s Day parade, but as she tried to move she realised her high heel was stuck in the street grate! Prince William held Kate as she bent to pull it free! Stuff happens!…

Tradition BENDER! Prince William To Spend Christmas With Commoner INLAWS

Usually it wouldn’t be big news if a guy decided to spend Christmas with his wife’s folks instead of his own family, but in the case of Prince William and his commoner wife, Kate Middleton, it’s the biggest deal ever!


The Prince is setting tradition on its ear by deciding to spend Christmas with Kate’s folks in her hometown of Buckley.


In a major break from tradition, which was cleared after consultation with Queen Elizabeth, she and husband William will visit her hometown, Bucklebury to celebrate the holiday “privately with the Middleton family,” according to the Palace.

I’ve always wondered, does that saying go “home for the holidays?” or “home for the hostilities?”