Olympic Champ Ashton Eaton Debuts New NIKE ICE HAT

U.S. Olympic champion and decathlon world record holder Ashton Eaton, debuted his new 3D printed NIKE Ice Hat.

Eaton will don the ice cap between each of the 10 decathlon events to speed up recovery time can have a significant impact on the athlete’s overall performance.

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Nike has announced it has suspended its endorsement deal with Adrian Peterson on the heels of the NFL star’s indictment for child abuse.

The apparel giant steeped in sports issued a statement saying, “Nike in no way condones child abuse or domestic violence of any kind and has shared our concerns with the NFL.”


“We have suspended our contract with Adrian Peterson.” The timing is interesting … considering AP left his house in Minnesota Tuesday covered head-to-toe in Nike gear. It’s almost like when Nike saw AP repping the brand in public, it seemed to be the final straw. source

Peterson was one of the Nike biggest selling endorsees. By suspending their contract with the baller, it leaves the door slightly open to reinstatement.

Female Student Who Attended BET Party GOES MISSING

Faith Rockmore, A Cal State Fullerton student who attended a BET party last weekend never arrived back home and now her family is desperately trying to locate her.

Rockmore, 18, a Cal State women’s volleyball star, attended a BET party last weekend and told her family she would be back Monday. She never returned.

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Rockmore is about 6 feet and 180 pounds with long, curly brown hair and brown eyes and was last seen wearing a white crop top, gray shorts and white Nike shoes. Continue reading

Kobe Bryant UNLEASHES His ”Medical Mamba” KICKS!

Kobe Bryant Medical Mamba. Kobe Bryant injured his Achilles ending his NBA season early, but the Lakers star isen’t letting time waste when it comes to rehabbing..


The Black Mamba tweeted out this Instagram picture walking on an anti-gravity treadmill wearing some “Medical Mamba” shoes that were specially made by Nike.

Bryant wrote,

“Walking in my “medical mamba” shoes made by Nike in 2 weeks with extra support for the Achilles #alterG #bootoff!”

A lot of people think that Kobe faked his injury just to get out of the season early so he could begin resting for next season. Well after all he is named after a snake.

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SLAM JUNK? New Air Jordan XX8 Kicks Universally Panned ‘Should Cost $25’

The new Air Jordans XX8 are finally here! But most folks are saying the costly kicks are pure junk! Something with Michael Jordan’s name on it being called cheap? Come again?




The new Air Jordans are here — officially, the “Air Jordans XX8,” for those who like to mix it up, Arabic and Roman style — and the reviews are … not good. “Shroud” up, and they look like basic black rain shoes that should cost $25, or about 10 percent of the Air Jordan’s $250 price tag. Shroud down to reveal a neon-green interior and they make for what might be “the ugliest thing ever.” Whatever their aesthetic problems, the shoes will see their NBA debut tonight, when Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook wears them to play the Nets at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.