Marco Rubio Takes Mystery Pill During CNN Debate [Video]

CNN‘s Republican debate on Thursday night caught Marco Rubio taking what appeared to be a pill live on-air.

It happened quickly, but as a Youtube video has now revealed, Rubio reached in his pocket and consumed something, and if you ask the internets, the mystery pill was the powerful stimulant, Adderall.

marco rubio adderall

I didn’t see it…. It wasn’t until I saw the brief clip later that I began thinking that maybe Rubio has a medical problem. Continue reading

Quinnipiac University GOP Poll Just Released And Guess Who Rules The Pack

The Quinnipiac University poll tallying the nation’s pick for the top GOP contender was just released and guess who’s head and shoulders above the rest? You guessed it, Donald Trump. Matter of fact, Trump’s support across the country has reached its highest level.

Trump clocked in with a commanding 39% of support nationwide, while Senator Marco Rubio is 2nd with 19%. Senator Ted Cruz is a close 3rd at 18% and Ohio Governor John Kasich is 4th with 6%. Dr. Ben Carson and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush each have 4%.

trump Marvel donation

Since the previous Quinnipiac University poll that was conducted on February 5th before the New Hampshire primary, Trump has gained 8 points. Continue reading

Chris Christie Calls It Quits, To End Presidential Race Later Today

The Washington Times is reporting that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will end his bid for the presidential race, saying he will issue a formal statement Wednesday afternoon.

The announcement comes on the heels of Christie’s disappointing sixth-place finish in New Hampshire’s GOP primary on Tuesday.

Chris Christie quits race

In the wake of the results, Christie told supporters he was canceling plans to go to South Carolina, the site of the next GOP primary. Continue reading

Muslim Mike Tyson On Donald Trump: He Deserves A Chance

Mike Tyson may have converted to Muslim, but that isn’t stopping the boxer from continuing to endorse Donald Trump for President.

Trump caused an uproar over his proposed Muslim ban, but even though Tyson’s Muslim, he still thinks he would make a great commander and chief.

mike tyson muslim

Tyson first endorsed Trump back in October — saying Obama’s plans aren’t working and he believes it’s time to “try something new.” Continue reading


The results are in, and Drudge Report readers have picked their winner of the Republican Debate. Despite all of Fox News‘ post show Trump bashing, in the end, the Donald is standing tall atop of the Republican heap, according to preliminary Drudge Report poll results.

Out 10 choices and 226,000 votes so far, Trump received over 92,000 votes or a whopping 40.22 percent, soundly winning the debate, as voted by Drudge Report readers.

trump drudge report results

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Meet HULK World’s Largest Pit Bull

His name is Hulk, and for good reason! He just may be the world’s largest Pit Bull! Look at the size of that head!

At only 18-months-old, Hulk already weighs at a staggering 173 pounds.

HULK World's Largest Pit Bull 2

His size may be a bit intimidating size, but his owners Marlon Grannan and his wife Lisa Grannan claim Hulk is just a big softy who doubles as babysitter to their 3-year-old son Jordan. Continue reading

Bean Sprouts Sicken At Least 60 From Ohio To Vermont

10 states on the East Coast have been affected by a salmonella outbreak that appears to be related to bean sprouts produced in Brooklyn, New York.

According to the CDC, at least 63 people in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont have been stricken with salmonella, many of those hospitalized.

Bean Sprouts Sicken Over 60 On East Coast

78 percent of those people reported eating bean sprouts in the week leading up their diagnoses. Officials believe Brooklyn’s Wonton Foods, Inc. has been producing the contaminated sprouts and said the company agreed to stop selling them Friday. Continue reading

HUGE Mystery BOOM Rocks Alabama Gulf Coast

An incredible booming sound struck Alabama prompting dozens of phone calls to authorities from startled residents across the Gulf Coast.

People living in a wide area reported hearing and feeling a “loud boom.” This was confirmed by local newsrooms who experienced the same thing.

loud boom Alabama

As of now, the source of this noise/tremor is unknown at this time. Continue reading