Donald Trump Deposition RELEASED Read Complete Transcript Here

A Washington DC judge on Friday released video depositions of Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Below find the complete transcript.

The depositions are related to Trump’s $200 million Old Post Office building project. Trump’s company won the right to develop the project by making numerous promises to the government that he failed to keep.


Trump suggests in one exchange that his incendiary comments about Mexicans made during his campaign kickoff — he said people coming here from the country were “rapists” — were premeditated. Continue reading

SHOCKING Film Emerges Of QUEEN Giving NAZI Salute

Buckingham Palace is bracing for a huge embarrassment over leaked footage showing the Queen performing a Nazi salute.

The shocking footage shows the Queen performing a Nazi salute as a child and equally as shocking, reports say the film could have been accidentally leaked by Buckingham Palace.

QUEEN Giving NAZI Salute

Three Royal sisters were married to senior Nazi officers – one a colonel in the SS – and when Philip attended a family funeral in Germany in 1937 he was confronted by crowds giving the Heil Hitler salute. Continue reading

Greek Soccer Player Banned for Life!! [VIDEO]

Giorgos Katidis

Giorgos Katidis is a midfielder for the AEK Athens team. He scored a game winning goal against Veria and in celebration he stripped his shirt and appeared to give a Nazi salute. This action has led to a lifetime ban from all the national teams from Greece’s football federation, EPO.

The player’s action to salute to spectators in a Nazi manner is a severe provocation, insults all the victims of Nazi bestiality and injures the deeply pacifist and human character of the game,” EPO said in a statement.


Katidis went to twitter to defend himself saying he was merely pointing at a fellow teammate in the stands and had no idea what the gesture signified. His coach also defends him by saying, “He most likely saw such a salute on the internet or somewhere else and did it without knowing what it means.”

See the clip and let me know what you think. I don’t know who doesn’t know what that salute signifies in this day and age. Lame excuses! Seems like the answers you would give if you were on Maury right before he reads the lie detector test results.

‘Praying Hitler’ Statue Sparks Outrage In Germany

A statue by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan showing Adolf Hitler praying in Warsaw may only visible through a hole in a wooden gate, but that hasen’t stopped the work from sparking outrage from Jewish advocacy groups calling it “a senseless provocation which insults the memory of the Nazis’ Jewish victims.”

hitler-statue (1)

“As far as the Jews were concerned, Hitler’s only ‘prayer’ was that they be wiped off the face of the earth,” the group’s Israel director, Efraim Zuroff, said in a statement.

Fabio Cavallucci, director of the Center for Contemporary Art, which approved the art said, “There is no intention from the side of the artist or the center to insult Jewish memory.”


“It’s an artwork that tries to speak about the situation of hidden evil everywhere,” he said.

Warsaw was the ghetto area sealed off by the Nazis after they invaded Poland and forced Jews into deportation to war camps.

Jesse James Nazi Salute Picture [REAL]

Jesse James is in sex rehab, however, the bad press just keeps coming. This picture has surfaced showing James wearing a Waffen SS visor and honoring Hitler with a “sieg heil” salute. Let’s face it, Jesse is a sick man in more ways than one. I think James needs a lot more than just sex rehab, ya think?

JesseJames Nazi Photo Jesse James Nazi Salute Picture [REAL]

You may remember this style hat from Michelle McGee’s Nazi themed photo shoot. Tisk tisk Sandra Bullock, how did you not know?