CA Victims In Encinitas Cliffside Collapse ID’d As ‘Daughter Mother Aunt’ Annie Clave Julie Davis Elizabeth Cox

ENCINITAS, CA. (THECOUNT) — The three victims tragically killed when a cliff collapsed on a beach in Leucadia, California, Friday, have been identified as family members.

A daughter, mother, and aunt, spending a day at the beach celebrating life and a recent family triumph.

The women were identified by surviving family members as Annie Clave, Julie Davis, and Elizabeth Cox. Davis was Clave’s mother. Cox was Davis’ sister and Clave’s aunt, reports NBCSanDiego.

The deadly incident occurred at Grandview Surf Beach near Encinitas Friday afternoon, city officials said.

Discarded beach chairs and sun hats could be seen near the portion of cliff that sloughed off around 3 p.m. at the popular tourist spot, located off Neptune Avenue, in Encinitas, CA

In addition to the fatality, others had been injured, according to a tweet from the city of Encinitas.

First responders were working to rescue two others believed to be trapped, San Diego County Sheriff’s Lt. Ted Greenawald told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The bluff failure occurred near the bottom of wooden stairs that give access to the beach from Neptune Avenue, reports KTLA.

A page on the Encinitas city website says failures are a “frequent” occurrence with the area’s sandstone bluffs, and visitors are advised to avoid sitting or standing beneath them. Walking on top of them is also prohibited in most areas.

No further details were immediately available.


Geo quick facts: Encinitas is a beach city in the North County area of San Diego County, California. Located within Southern California, it is approximately 25 miles north of San Diego and about 95 miles south of Los Angeles. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 59,518, up from 58,014 at the 2000 census – Wikipedia.

MAMMA MIA! Jennifer Lawrence “Mother!” Receives Rare “F” CinemaScore

How bad could the new Jennifer Lawrence movie be? According to the newly minted CinemaScore of a big fat “F” – It’s that bad.

And the news wasn’t much better for Darren Aronofsky‘s dear ol’ “Mother!,” which only received a 49% (and falling,) “Audience Score” on

CinemaScore is a Las Vegas based company that builds rankings by presenting opening-day audiences with survey cards after seeing a film, compiling scores from tests in five randomly selected cities. Continue reading

Rosie O’Donnell Daughter Chelsea Speaks: I Have Zero Love For Her

Chelsea O’Donnell unloaded on her adopted mother, Rosie O’Donnell, by publicly revealing the harshest comment possible, saying she has “zero love” for the entertainer.

In a teaser clip from her interview with Inside Edition, Chelsea spoke out for the first time about her troubled relationship with her famous mother, revealing she doesn’t love her and will never forgive her.

Rosie O’Donnell daughter Chelsea missing 2

It’s the first interview she’s done since moving out of Rosie’s home in August. Though Rosie says Chelsea ran away from home Continue reading

Rosie O’Donnell Daughter CUT OFF $ After Going To Live With Birth Mother

Rosie O’Donnell‘s daughter Chelsea, who was recently in the news after going missing and returning a week later, has now made the choice to leave O’Donnell and move in with her birth mother, Deanna, who gave up her up for adoption back in 1997.

O’Donnell was so angry over the young girl’s decision to vacate her residence, that she has reportedly “cut her off financially” and has refused to turn over her birth certificate and social security card.

Rosie O’Donnell daughter Chelsea missing 2

According to sources, Deanna drove down from Wisconsin to pick Chelsea up on Monday afternoon Continue reading

WHAT THE HELL? A Deadly Adoption Starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig starred in a Lifetime movie, we repeat, a Lifetime movie and we are still trying to understand what the hell just happened.

A Deadly Adoption aired Saturday on the cable network and blew minds, so much so, viewers are still trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered minds. **This is a Spoiler FREE zone!** So read on!

a deadly adoption lifetime 3

The film centered on married couple Robert (Ferrell) and Sarah (Wiig) and their daughter Sully, who welcomed Bridget (Jessica Lowndes), the pregnant mother of their adoptive child, into their home. Continue reading

Mothers Rejoice After ELLE Cover Features Breastfeeding Model

ELLE magazine released a bold cover featuring Nicole Trunfio breastfeeding her baby, Zion.

Inspired by the hashtag #NormalizeBreastfeeding, the leaked cover spread like wildfire across Twitter and other social media outlets.

Nicole Trunfio breastfeeding elle

The model had her four-month-old baby Zion with her on the shoot. The photos were not planned or contrived: baby had to eat, and when the art directors saw how beautiful the image of mom feeding her child was, they decided to move Trunfio and her baby onto the set. She’s a gorgeous supermodel who’d probably look beautiful doing anything, but that’s beside the point. You probably want to shove her for looking this amazing four months postpartum, but that’s totally beside the point, too. Don’t you want to just shove her a little? Not so she falls all the way down, just to her knee. h/t scarymommy

How do you feel about the cover? Too much too soon? Or just enough for our rapidly changing times? Comment below!

Breastfeeding Mom Involved In Friendly’s COVERUP

Tabitha Donohue says she was nursing her eight-week-old daughter inside a restaurant called (of all things) Friendly’s when she was asked by the manager to cover that up.

Now a group of moms is planning a nursing demonstration at that establishment this weekend in protest.

Tabitha Donohue friendlys

“I was offended. They came over and asked me if I cared that I was offending other people,” Donohue said. Continue reading

Experts: Mom’s Duties Valued At Cushy $118,905 A Year

The title of “mother” now has a stated value if look at mom’s tasks as a job.

momther worth bank

Cleaning, chauffeuring and keeping general calm within the tribe, if calculated in the form of a paycheck, every two weeks, mom should be pulling in at least $118,905 yearly.

On average, moms who don’t work outside the home put in about 96.5 hours a week — 56.5 of those being overtime — according to the 2014 survey.

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Amanda Bynes Mom: Psychotic Episodes Caused By MARIJUANA

Amanda Bynes‘ Mother may be fighting an uphill battle after trying to convince folks that her daughter’s bizarre behavior was all a direct result of — wait for it — The actress’s marijuana use..


The Bynes attorney is trying to record straight on speculation Amanda suffers from schizophrenia, mostly because people with schizophrenia — don’t get movie roles..

Now Amanda’s mom is taking the rumor to task, telling Us Weekly via the family lawyer that there hasn’t been any diagnosis at all.

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