STUDY: Trump’s Huge Poll Numbers Are Actually UNDERSTATED

A new study, examining a mystery confounded polling analysts, says Donald Trump‘s huge poll numbers may actually be understated.

Confusing the polsters is the fact Trump performs much better in online-based surveys rather than polls that include live-telephone interviews, which may indicate some voters are planning to vote for Trump, but may be reluctant to admit their support for the controversial candidate.

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In self-administered online interviews voters will be more likely to admit their support. And that will more likely reflect their eventual decision in the privacy of a voting booth. Continue reading

Cop On Deathbed: I Helped Tupac Fake His Death

Here’s yet another stunning claim that Tupac Shakur faked his own death, this time coming from a police officer who made the controversial comments in a deathbed confession.

Retired police officer, David Myers, says that Shakur paid him $1.5M to help fake his own death. Myers in currently in a hospital in critical condition.

tupac final words

“The world needs to know what I did. I’m ashamed that I let a price be put on my word and I cannot die without letting the world know,” Myers says. Myers claims he was paid $1.5 million. Continue reading

MLB Player Removed From Game For Tattoo Sensitivity

MLB player, Elvis Andrus, was removed from out of the Texas Rangers lineup on Thursday because of a tattoo injury! Are you kidding me? Biceps sensitivity?andrustattoo228The tattoo is of Emilio Andrus, his father, who died when Elvis was a young boy. The design was so elaborate that it caused Andrus to miss a day of spring training due to “sensitivity in his left biceps, as reporter Gerry Fraley tweeted. Yahoo!

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Young Woman Allows Guy To Tattoo ENTIRE FACE With HIS Name After First Date

Mike Tyson and the Romney face tattoo guy have nothing on this girl… Meet Lesya, who just 24 hours after meeting a guy ONLINE, let him tattoo her face with HIS name — in five-inch Gothic font.


Lesya was quite the beauty before she let a man that she had known for 24 hours take a dump on her face… The name of the destroyer of beautiful young girl’s lives is, Ruslan Toumaniantz, who is, you guessed it, a tattoo artist…


A week later, after the tattoo and the first date, the two were engaged to be married… So what happens if this one doesn’t work out?

Here are a few other facial tattoos that didn’t work out so great…

monster tattoo on head

bad tattoo



Brad Pitt Almost Got His Ass Kicked By Mike Tyson – A True Story

Mike Tyson was ordered and had already moved out of his own mansion and Robin Givens even got to keep the Bentley.

One night Tyson returned to his house for a surprise booty call, which was apparently just fine with Givens because despite their split, the two still were spending a lot of time together and in Tyson’s own words, “We was still f—king” —

After Robin didn’t answer the door Tyson decided to wait around for her to show up and when she did, Tyson came face-to-face with Brad Pitt exiting the aforementioned Bentley. Awkward…

Pitt lucked out of a bone crushing beat down because Tyson said that the mere sight of Pitt literally took the wind out of him — making him unable to throw a punch, “As I go to my car she drives up with the handsome Brad Pitt,” Tyson remembered, “It just totally overwhelmed me,’ he added, ‘I had no energy to fight.”

Mike Tyson ties the knot

mike and wife Mike Tyson ties the knot

It has been confirmed that Mike Tyson married his girlfriend Lakiha Spicer in a secret Las Vegas ceremony this past weekend. Lakiha, has reportedly helped him cope with the grief of losing his daughter in a tragic accident 2 weeks ago.

Congrats to Iron Mike and his new wife. Although the timing is questionable, one must not ever question the motives of a man that bites another man’s ear off.

Since they were in Vegas, I wonder  if those zany bearded  guys from “The Hangover” through him a proper bachelor party with his pet tiger et al?

Mike Tyson Daughter on Life Support After Accident

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

Former boxer, Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter is on life support and in “extremely critical condition” after getting entangled in a cord hanging from a treadmill.

The young girl was found by her 7-year-old brother, Exodus, in the family home in Phoenix, AZ.  In what police are calling a “tragic accident,” The mother sent young boy Tyson to “find his sister.” FOX News reported, “Somehow she was playing on this treadmill, and there’s a cord that hangs under the console ” it’s kind of a loop,” Police Sgt. Andy Hill said, “Either she slipped or put her head in the loop, but it acted like a noose, and she was obviously unable to get herself off of it.”

Mike Tyson was in Las Vegas at the time of the accident and when he heard the news, flew directly back home to be with the daughter.

Our thought and prayers are with the little girl and the Tyson family.