Burglars for Gun Control Video Going Viral

Via TheBlaze: “Burglars for Gun Control,” a video skewering those against the Second Amendment when used by homeowners protecting themselves and their families, has just been released by a west coast comedy group, We The Internet.

Resembling a local television news video, the clip tells the story of two would-be burglars who encounter an armed homeowner.

Burglars for Gun Control

The incident ends badly for one of the robbers, as the homeowner shoots and kills him after first calling 911 and warning the bad guys she’s armed and willing to shoot to protect herself and her child. Continue reading

Waitress Victim Of Greatest Prank Ever Conceived?

Chelsea Roff 2

Meet Chelsea Roff. A average waitress who raised her sister alone from a very young age, suffered from a eating disorder (weighing only 58 pounds at one point of time) and runs a non profit yoga clinic to help people suffering from the from the former. Her friends and colleges step in to trap her in this amazing April fools prank.

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Judge To Amanda Bynes ”You’re Too Crazy For Regular Court!”

By now it’s safe to say Amanda Bynes is not playing possum when it comes to being plum crazy. Amanda was supposed to show up in court today to address a little matter of her DUI arrest in West Hollywood back in April 2012, but her lawyer showed up instead and told the judge that Amanda is not well enough to be part of a court proceeding and his honor agreed.0709-amanda-bynes-court-3 Continue reading