This one goes out to anyone who thought Amanda Bynes‘ crazy act was, just that, an act.. We all know by now, it wasn’t, and a judge just confined the former Nickelodeon star to a mental health facility for up to a full year..TMZ is reporting that doctors at Amanda’s current facility, asked and received a long-term hold.

The move basically prevents Amanda from leaving the facility, and puts all her matters squarely in her mother’s hands..

The reality of Bynes’ confinement will most-likely be 60 more days in an effort to stabilize the actress before she is moved to her mother’s home for around the clock care.


In the interim, Amanda is going to the UCLA Medical Center for the long-term hold, says TMZ.

On another note, a photo agency sold TMZ a picture of a woman they claimed was Amanda leaving a Thousand Oaks facility in a blue wig. The lawyer for Amanda’s mother, Tamar Arminak, tells TMZ the agency’s representations were false, and it was not Amanda leaving the facility for UCLA.

So I guess TMZ got scammed? Anyway, I got one question, if Amanda does ever rejoin civilian life, is it still okay to make fun of her? I don’t know, It would feel kind of weird now..