Will Ferrell Now Wants To Be A Cop


What a hottie Will was!

He’s set to star in a cop comedy with Mark Wahlberg. It’s about time Mark took something a little less murderous.

Entertainment Weekly/Variety reports:   “A bidding war broke out on Tuesday for the action-comedy B Team, which will be directed by Adam McKay and star Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as cops, Variety reports. It’s understandable, right? Isn’t that all the information you’d need to greenlight that picture? I’m actually giddy thinking about it…

Anything Will Ferrell does is pretty much awesome. Here is a favorite clip- Will Ferrell as George W Bush


Contestants Will Get Eaten Alive For Another 2 Seasons

Comedian Brian Regan once said “Survivor is the only show where people go to compete in a place where PEOPLE ALREADY SURVIVE.


Survivor is signing on for it’s 19th and 20th season…and Jeff Probst will be walking with his cane and spectacles through the jungle.   That show has been on for a very long time. Good for them! Not so good for people who have to pick the next place where it will be held. I’m guessing the next place they will pick will be the bathrooms off of the New Jersey turnpike.

A long time ago I tried out for Suvivor and they told me it was either the Rocky Mountains or the Brazilian jungle.   For my audition tape I filmed myself staying overnight on the Santa Monica pier with all of the bums. I still have the video where they sang me a song and fed me beans.   One bum said “don’t forget to bring your antibiotics”. Good solid advice!

I’m glad I wasn’t picked because this was what happened on that episode.



This is absolutely mind boggling.

Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel- NOT BIOLOGICAL RELATIVES

How is this even possible?

You know what would be cool? A system that you upload your image to and instead of celebrities it hooks you to regular people who look like you. (Damn this is a good idea…wish I had time and money to do it). Note to self: Win lottery. I heard there is someone walking around who looks like me and it’s not Adriana Lima.. close…but no cigar (hahahaah).