$500 Harry Potter Box Set Arrives

Cash Strapped parents are going to love this… Introducing the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection of 31 discs complete with the theatrical version of every movie, extended cuts, 3D, Ultraviolet digital copies and a few bonus discs with about ten hours of epic Harry falderal with about 5 hours of that never before seen Potter.  

Ready to break the piggy bank? That better be a big pig because it’s gunna cost ya a whopping $499 MSRP plus tax… I was able to find orphan sets on Amazon for about $350. Delivers September 7th.

Harry Potter Kid Guilty Producing Marijuana

The kid who plays Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter franchise got busted for, not a sack-o-weed, but 10 grass plants! all growing at his mum’s house no less!

Jamie Waylett plead guilty along with a buddy in Westminster Magistrates’ Court, London, to producing cannabis.

At least now we know some of the inspiration they use to produce those trippy Harry Potter flicks!

UPDATED: Harry Potter Breaks Midnight Records

Give us your money, America

Give us your money, America

UPDATE: The midnight haul was actually $22 million.  Mamma mia, that’s a lot of money.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince had an amazing performance last night.  You could even say it was — wait for it — magical.

The new Potter film made $20 million $22 million dollars at the midnight screenings last night.  That is officially the greatest midnight opening in history, beating the last record holder, The Dark Knight, by about $2 million.

It’s also surprising because the last Potter flick, Order of the Phoenix, had an impressive if not ground-breaking $12 million midnight showing.  It looks like that long gap between the two films might really be helping business.

I can attest to the massive anticipation.  Last night, when walking by a very popular theater here in L.A., I saw a line that was nearly a block long and it was only 7 PM.

We’ll see how much this puppy makes in the following days but it definitely has the best start of all time.