Give us your money, America

Give us your money, America


UPDATE: The midnight haul was actually $22 million.  Mamma mia, that’s a lot of money.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince had an amazing performance last night.  You could even say it was — wait for it — magical.

The new Potter film made $20 million $22 million dollars at the midnight screenings last night.  That is officially the greatest midnight opening in history, beating the last record holder, The Dark Knight, by about $2 million.

It’s also surprising because the last Potter flick, Order of the Phoenix, had an impressive if not ground-breaking $12 million midnight showing.  It looks like that long gap between the two films might really be helping business.

I can attest to the massive anticipation.  Last night, when walking by a very popular theater here in L.A., I saw a line that was nearly a block long and it was only 7 PM.

We’ll see how much this puppy makes in the following days but it definitely has the best start of all time.