Ohio Cops: Razor Blade Found In Halloween Snickers

Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Police have confirmed they found a razor blade in a Snickers bar that was collected during trick-or-treat Thursday evening.

Now cops are pleading with parents to check and double check their children’s Halloween bounty.

Halloween razor blade snickers bar ohio

Cops say they have narrowed down the candy to have been collected in the area of Kingsley Drive and Taylor Road. Continue reading

Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume Is All The Rage On Social Media

“Call Me Caitlyn,” a Halloween costume inspired by real life man turned trans, Caitlyn Jenner, is setting off a firestorm of social media conversation just ahead of Halloween.

The costume comes complete with a padded top, matching bottoms and a brunette wig, reminiscent of the outfit Jenner wore on the controversial Vanity Fair cover.

caitlyn jenner halloween costume

Spirit Halloween and AnytimeCostumes.com are one of several retailers carrying the costume, which is selling for $74.99. Continue reading

‘Prominent Minister’ JET CRASHES In The Bahamas

A private Lear jet of a prominent minister has crashed in the Bahamas with nine passengers on board. The minister is rumored to be Pastor Myles Munroe.

The jet was on approach near Grand Bahama International Airport when it crashed, killing an unconfirmed number of passengers aboard the plane.

Grand Bahama Airport minister jet crash pictures

It was not yet known what caused the crash, and police and rescue teams were on the scene, but a full investigation would only begin at daylight, officials said.

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There Goes Honey Boo Boo! CANCELED!

TLC just officially canceled “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” over a truly despicable scandal. The cancellation came directly after June Shannon was discovered dating a man with a criminal past.

A complete season is in the can and TLC was set to begin airing it at the end of this year, but those plans have need nixed.

honey boo boo kardashian

TLC wouldn’t publicly cite a reason for the cancellation, but said in a statement that “supporting the health and welfare of these remarkable children is our only priority. Continue reading

Who Is Megan Mahoney? And Why Is This Teacher In So Much Trouble?

Megan Mahoney is a former gym teacher that was recently charged with having relations numerous times with a 16-year-old male student.

Mahoney, 24, is facing 30 counts after being arrested for incidents which took place over three months between Halloween last year and January 9, 2014.

Megan Mahoney selfie 2

Mahoney was arrested on Monday on four counts of a criminal act with a minor which was mutual. Continue reading

Terrifying Halloween Billboard Stoking EBOLA Fears In NC

A series of highway billboards in Greensboro, N.C., promoting a popular haunted trail, Woods of Terror, is being called too violent for an Ebola weary public.

The billboard depicts a young women screaming, with blood covering her face, one of the unfortunate symptoms of Ebola.

Woods of Terror billboards bring controversy

The Woods of Terror owner, Eddie McLaurin, says he understands people’s concerns but he’s in the “business of Halloween,” so the billboards will stay. Continue reading

Joan Rivers Posthumously Promotes iPhone 6 On Facebook

In a gaffe of ghostly proportions, Joan Rivers posthumously promoted the new iPhone on her Facebook.

The eerie and downright creepy post, which appeared briefly on River’s Facebook page THIS MORNING, may have been a pre-negotiated deal with Apple or Steve Jobs is recruiting dead celebrities.


The post has since been removed. Continue reading

Da Brat Ordered To Pay HUGE Restitution Over Assault

Jurors ordered rapper Da Brat to pay a staggering $6.4 million in restitution to a woman she attacked in the face with a rum bottle.da brat

Da Brat, a.k.a. Shawntae Harris, was ordered to shell out $3.7 million in compensatory damages and an additional $2.7 million in punitive damages. Ouch.

During a presser, Brat’s attorney said the amount her client was ordered to pay was excessive considering the prior punishment. Continue reading