A private Lear jet of a prominent minister has crashed in the Bahamas with nine passengers on board. The minister is rumored to be Pastor Myles Munroe.

The jet was on approach near Grand Bahama International Airport when it crashed, killing an unconfirmed number of passengers aboard the plane.


Grand Bahama Airport minister jet crash pictures

It was not yet known what caused the crash, and police and rescue teams were on the scene, but a full investigation would only begin at daylight, officials said.

“The Department of Civil Aviation has been advised that there were some fatalities and we are awaiting confirmation from the Royal Bahamas Police Force as to whether there were any survivors,” The Department of Civil Aviation said in a statement. “The Grand Bahama Airport Company Crash Fire Rescue Department responded to the incident, and the Police and Bahamas Air Sea Rescue (BASRA) are presently on the scene.” h/t abcnews

Based upon the flight plan information that was registered at the point of the departure, officials are of the opinion that that was the only aircraft at the time in that area, so are going on the assumption that it was a prominent minister on the aircraft, an airport spokesperson said.