NASA: There’s A Chance Olympic Pool Sized Asteroid Will Impact Earth In 2017

On March 7th, 2016, asteroid, 2016 TX68, will pass by earth in one of the closest flybys ever studied. NASA says there is no chance of impact on that date, but when it flies by again on September 28, 2017, all bets are off.

In about two weeks, 2016 TX68, which is almost the size of an Olympic-size swimming pool, will race by as close as 11,000 miles from Earth, say scientists. NASA says there is “no chance” of impact, but when it comes to its returns in 2017, scientists make no such guarantee.

Burning asteroid entering the atmoshere

Astronomer Gerald McKeegan at Chabot Space and Science told the Contra Costa Times, “it’s gonna be close.” How close? Scientists have given a range Continue reading

Ronda Rousey Hit With Mandatory 6 Month Suspension

On the heels of her stunning loss to Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey has been placed on a 6-month medical suspension pending a head CT scan.

Rousey will not be allowed to fight in the UFC again until mid-2016.

ronda rousey plastic surgery lip

In light of her stunning, lopsided loss to Holly Holm, the promotion has placed the former undefeated champion on a six-month medical suspension stemming from a concern over the possibility of a head injury.  Continue reading

Ronda Rousey Fights Tonight! How To Watch UFC 193 Live Stream

Ronda Rousey and the entire UFC team are down under in Melbourne, Australia, tonight at the Etihad Stadium for UFC 193.

The card will feature a pair of championship fights in the lighter weight classes. The main event features the women’s bantamweight title bout between Rousey and title challenger Holly Holm.

ronda rousey carls jr 3

The four-fight preliminary card on Fox Sports 1 begins at 8:00 p.m. ET. The Fox Sports 1 preliminary card consists of: Akbarh Arreola vs. Jake Matthews, Kyle Noke vs. Peter Sobotta, Anthony Perosh vs. Gian Villante, and Danny Martinez vs. Richie Vaculik. Continue reading

Kanye West Attempts To Walk On Water In Armenia

Kanye West In Armenia: Kanye West, aka, Yeezus, thought for a fleeting moment that he could walk on water, but in the biblical process, he crucified his mic.

West was performing an impromptu outdoor concert in the capital of Armenia, when he decided to jump into a near by pond. The rapper stumbled and his wireless microphone went down-periscope, rendering it immediately disabled.

kanye west lake video armenia 3

After sacrificing his microphone, West tried his best to save the show by inviting the crowd to join him in the drink. Continue reading

California Man Attacked By GREAT WHITE SHARK While WALKING!

California State Parks Police have confirmed a man walking on a sand spit Sunday Morning at Montana de Oro was attacked an 8 to 10 foot juvenile great white shark.

The attack happened just after 11:30 Sunday morning.

great white attack Montana de Oro shark 5

The man did suffer a bite wound to his hip. But officials on scene said his injuries didn’t appear to be life threatening. Continue reading

UFO Spotted In NASA Photo Is The Size Of EARTH

UFOs have been spotted throughout history, but never has one rivaled the Earth in size. Now the motherships of all motherloads was spotted near the sun in a NASA photo.

NASA has not officially commented on the massive Earth-sized UFO seen in one of their own digital images, but if they do comment it will probably be something like camera error, coronal ejection, or solar flare..

UFO Spotted Near The Sun By NASA Is The Size Of EARTH

“I check out the SOHO photos every day, and was fortunate enough to catch this massive ship as it was exiting or entering the sun. This UFO is solid as you can see. It is as large as Earth itself. Continue reading

Meteorite STRIKES Nicaragua Leaving 39 Foot Crater

Nicaragua’s capital was struck by a meteorite that left a 39 foot wide 16 foot deep crater in the woods close to the city’s airport.

The meteorite “appears to have come off an asteroid that was passing close to Earth,” said government officials.

Meteorite STRIKES Nicaragua Leaving 39 Foot Crater

Humberto Garcia, of the Astronomy Center at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, said the meteorite could be related to an asteroid that was forecast to pass by the planet Saturday night. “It could have come off that asteroid, because it is normal for that to occur. We have to study it more because it could be ice or rock,” he said. source

Local residents reported hearing a loud boom Saturday night, but said they didn’t see anything strange in the sky.

The site of the crater is near Managua’s international airport and an air force base. Only journalists from state media were allowed to visit it.