Dr. Drew Daughter: I Was Addicted To Throwing Up

Paulina Pinsky, the daughter of TV’s Dr. Drew Pinsky, has not benefited from having an addiction specialist father in her life after admitting a seven-year battle with anorexia and bulimia, code words for stimulant abuse, a.k.a. cocaine, adderall and or meth..


Paulina’s troubles began after being forced to train as an ice skater by her parents, mainly mom, Susan.

“My ability to listen to my mother had disappeared when I had hit rock bottom four months prior and had put myself into therapy. Continue reading

Celebrity Rehab OVER!

It finally happened, Dr. Drew came to his Dr. Kevorkian senses.. At some point realizing his show, Celebrity Rehab, was more a precursor to people’s deaths then it was about rehabilitation. And though Pinsky made millions off the show, all that money won’t bring back the 5 dead celebrities who appeared seeking help for their addictions..  Count em folks! 5 celebrities expired after appearing on a show seemingly designed to help them.. All that and he is still trying to act like the injured party..

dr-drew-blood on hands

“Rodney King dies of a heart attack and I take the blame for that,” Pinsky said in a recent interview. He sounded a bit hot under the collar as he also said: “To have people questioning my motives and taking aim at me because people get sick and die because they have a life-threatening disease, and I take the blame?”

I would like to think TheCount.com is responsible for putting the heat on and shining a light on Pinsky by keeping a high-profile tally of all the dead celebs that had appeared on CR.. Hey Dr. Drew! Is that money signs I see in your eyes? And is that blood I see on your hands?

Celebrity Rehab 4 Cast Shapes Up With Eric Roberts

At one point shortly after the conclusion of Celebrity Rehab 3 there were rumors flying around that finding celebs to rehab for season four would be tough going, however, that has been anything but the case.

The cast of troubled stars for this season is really shaping up with the newest cast member, The Dark Knight, Eric Roberts, AKA, Julia Roberts brother. Other druggies include, wacky Jeremy London, Rachel Uchitel, ex-model, Janice Dickinson, and Teen Beat heartthrob, Leif Garrett.

‘Celebrity Rehab 4’ premieres in October on VH1.