Cry Baby “Hatchet Face” Actress Kim McGuire DIES

Kim McGuire, the actress who famously played Mona ‘Hatchet-Face’ Malnorowski alongside Johnny Depp in John Waters classic cult film Cry-Baby, died Wednesday. She was 60.

McGuire passed away in a Florida hospital after a battle with pneumonia.


Her husband, Gene Piotrowsky, told TMZ that an unwell Kim entered a medical facility Tuesday, where doctors discovered the pneumonia and transferred her to the ICU. Continue reading

Danny Jack Deacon GUILTY Murdering Partner Carlie Sinclair

Danny Jack Deacon has been found guilty of murdering his partner Carlie Sinclair. The jury’s guilty verdict came after four days of deliberation.

The verdict comes on the heels of Justice Peter Barr‘s offer to the jury for the option of a majority, rather than a unanimous, decision.


Prosecutor Paul Usher has given the court notice that prosecutors will be seeking a sentence above the mandatory 20-year minimum. Defence barrister Jon Tippett QC indicated outside court that his client would be appealing the court decision. Continue reading

Johnny Depp NIGHTMARE OVER! As Amber Heard Suddenly DROPS CASE

Amber Heard has officially withdrawn her request for a restraining order against Johnny Depp, dismissing the case with prejudice. The case can never be re-filed.

The nasty divorce, which included a domestic violence petition, is also resolved. Sources say, Depp agreed to pay his estranged wife a measly $7 million to walk away. The settlement includes Heard’s attorney fees. Depp reportedly enjoys a net worth of $400 million. His salary alone for acting and producing can easily reach $100 million annually.

johnny depp amber heard 3

Johnny’s lawyers, Laura Wasser and Blair Berk, along with Amber’s lawyers, Pierce O’Donnell and Samantha Spector, crafted a settlement after Amber was grilled Saturday during a deposition. Continue reading

Johnny Depp CUTS FINGER OFF Writes Bloody Message For Amber Heard On Bathroom Mirror

Johnny Depp wrote “Billy Bob” in blood and blue paint in a message meant for Amber Heard after cutting off his fingertip in a fit of rage, claims his estranged wife.

Depp reportedly dipped his bloodied finger in blue paint and wrote actor, Billy Bob Thornton‘s name, on a bathroom mirror along with “easy Amber.” Depp accused Heard of cheating on him with Thornton, says the actress.

johnny depp amber heard 3

The incident went down in March of last year, just a month after Amber and Johnny married. Continue reading

No Charges Against Officers Who Shot Jamar Clarke Sparking More Protests

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman made the controversial announcement Wednesday morning that he will not be filing charges against two officers in the November 15, 2015, fatal shooting of an unarmed Jamar Clark in Minneapolis.

The four-month-long investigation cleared Officers Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze in the shooting of Clarke, which led to protests outside of the police precinct near where Clark was killed.

jamar clark shooting video

Freeman’s office said in a press release. Freeman had previously announced he would not be using a grand jury in the case. Continue reading

Oceanside CA Man Douses GF With Gasoline Sets Her On Fire

An Oceanside, CA., woman was hospitalized on Saturday with severe burns suffered after her boyfriend, Ricardo Gonzalez, doused her in gasoline and set her on fire Friday.

EMS responded to reports that an unidentified woman was on fire. She was transported to the UC San Diego Medical Center Burn Unit in San Diego. She is expected to survive.

man sets gf on fire oceanside

Gonzalez, 33, of Oceanside, was booked into the Vista Detention Facility on Friday night after being interviewed by detectives. Continue reading

Rihanna Beating Still Haunting Chris Brown

Chris Brown is still haunted by the beating of his then-girlfriend Rihanna and it is hitting the singer in the pocketbook.

Brown has been forced to cancel a massive Australian promotional tour and an appearance on The Daily Show, over his past domestic violence record.

Chris Brown begging obama to leave Philippines 2

Brown canceled plans for a Down Under tour Wednesday after Australian authorities earlier warned the troubled R&B singer they were likely to refuse him a visa because of his criminal conviction for assaulting pop star Rihanna. Continue reading

Husband Wears Hidden Body Cam To Prove Wife’s Abuse

A Florida man secretly wore a body cam to record his wife’s pattern of abuse, that included her striking him, without warning, in the testicles.

Michael Novak, 37, recorded his wife, Corinne Novak, 37, striking him as he was trying to unbuckle their twin 2-year-olds from a car seat. After hitting her husband, Corrinne can be heard on the video saying “go ahead call police, I’ll gonna tell them you just assaulted me.”

Michael Corinne Novak gopro

As he bends over, water bottle in one hand, the camera records a flash of what appears to be a hand grab his genitals from behind. Continue reading

After Slamming Floyd Mayweather, Ronda Rousey Now Dating THIS MAN?

Ronda Rousey has been very vocal in her criticism of Floyd Mayweather over his past record of domestic abuse, but reports say the UFC fighter is currently dating married fellow UFC fighter, Travis Browne, who also has his own record of domestic abuse.

Browne, who is is being heavily scrutinised by the UFC, is accused of domestic abuse of his then fiancee Jenna Renee.

Ronda Rousey dating Travis Browne Jenna Renee 2

Browne’s wife, Jenna Renee, posted the following pictures of her injuries on Instagram with the caption Continue reading

Wife Of Five Finger Death Punch Singer Releases Abuse Photos

The estranged wife of Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody told a judge that she thinks he is in desperate need of rehab, and released photos of her battered face to prove it.

Holly Smith filed an affidavit with the Adams County Court in Colorado claiming Ivan can no longer tell the difference between reality and make believe and she blames his alcohol abuse.

Five Finger Death Punch Ivan Moody wife

In the docs, Smith says Ivan’s taking on the personality of the band’s song, “Jekyll and Hyde.” Continue reading