Megan Fox Folds Under Baby Question (Video)

Megan Fox was being interviewed by “Entertainment Tonight” host Steve Jones, about her new spokewoman job for “The Sharper Image”, where she basically lays on a bed in underwear again!

Jones was told not to ask any personal questions about Fox aka the pregnancy rumors. Jones hints at the baby question anyway, as Fox folds, and her publicist tries to end the interview. Continue reading

YouTube Sensation Band “Pomplamoose” Get Big TV Break

Fellow YouTube Partners Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn of band Pomplamoose, have just broken onto television in a big way! These two started off on YouTube as a boy and girl duet cover band, recording themselves singing and playing a few instruments, and then airing the videos on their YouTube channel. Within the last year, Pomplamoose has become a huge hit with the YouTube community, gaining millions of views for their quirky cover songs, and now they’ve just been recognized by the car brand Hyundai, and they have been chosen to be the stars of the new Hyundai Elantra commercial!

2012 Elantra Hyundai RAP Holiday Commercial [Rollin' w/ the homies]

2012 Elantra Hyundai RAP Holiday Commercial [Rollin’ w/ the homies] By Request! Fog and Smog drop a beat about the 2012 Elantra during Hyundai Holidays


In this holiday themed commercial, Pomplamoose performs a duet cover of “Jingle Bells” in their garage, promoting the Hyundai Elantra car. I love that even though they got a mainstream break, they are still keeping it YouTube style!

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Transformers 3: Megan Fox Replaced by Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Oh no! Yuk-aroo! Megan Fox has been replaced in “Transformers 3” by “zero acting credits” British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

I am sorry but this girl is not what we wanted! The fans at least wanted a girl that looks like Megan Fox. Rosie is not an actress, she’s only a model. Plus, Rosie’s lips are a little ‘too much’. I think some plump lips are cool but it’s gone too far people! This is not your T3 girl! Re-think plz!

Michael! The fans are disappointed :( I know you like her because you filmed her when you directed the Victoria’s Secret commercial, but she may only be good for SILENT FILMS! I have to stick up for the fans here…but I hope it works out for you anyway.

On the bright side, I can see Megan smiling and saying to herself, “Phew! No competition here haha!”

Will Ferrell Now Wants To Be A Cop


What a hottie Will was!

He’s set to star in a cop comedy with Mark Wahlberg. It’s about time Mark took something a little less murderous.

Entertainment Weekly/Variety reports:   “A bidding war broke out on Tuesday for the action-comedy B Team, which will be directed by Adam McKay and star Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as cops, Variety reports. It’s understandable, right? Isn’t that all the information you’d need to greenlight that picture? I’m actually giddy thinking about it…

Anything Will Ferrell does is pretty much awesome. Here is a favorite clip- Will Ferrell as George W Bush