Donald Trump Tweets On Megyn Kelly Return: The bimbo’s back in town

After a mandated 10-day vacation, Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly returned to her job and a tweet from Donald Trump.

Kelly resumed her hosting duties on The Kelly File following some badly needed R & R, but Trump didn’t let a little thing like that get in the way of slamming her on her return by tweeting,

Donald Trump arrives to his Comedy Central Roast in New York, Wednesday, March 9, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Sykes)

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Woman Dies After Attempting Home Plastic Surgery

An Argentinian woman is dead after she attempted an at-home procedure to enhance the size of her breasts – by injecting them with Vaseline.Sonia-Perez-Llanzon-3263144

The Vaseline had entered the woman’s blood stream, causing blood clots that travelled to her lungs. She then experienced a pulmonary embolism – a blockage of an artery in her lung – which resulted in her death.

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Ke$ha Begs for Illuminati Acceptance? Blood Sacrifice, Unicorns…

As this is probably no surprise to all of you guys up on the pop music scene…

Some say that Lady Gaga has occultism written all over her, and that her messages in her music and videos have subliminal evil undertones! There are reviews (Google: “Lady Gaga occult”) that claim she has sold her soul to the devil to be famous. Reviews say that she shows her love for the dark side through subliminal messages in her music videos and through the lyrics in her songs. Could this be true?

Some say that Ke$ha is like a Gaga knock-off, but she is a no-talent pop star who pollutes pre-teen brains with mind numbing audio and visuals… That Gaga actually has some talent, but Ke$ha is like a filler when Lady Gaga is on break, and she fills in to keep the masses hypnotized when Gaga can’t. Ke$ha is like a ‘substitute’.

These viewpoints are from many stories I’ve read on the Internet, including public comments from around the world. You can judge if these girls are good or not by doing your own research.

Here, I have comparison pictures of Ke$ha and Gaga. Ke$ha was not pulling these symbols like Gaga until recently. I’m guessing from the information that I’ve gathered; she is becoming desperate for the same recognition and fame that Gaga has, so she is now signaling that she will ‘sell out’ and sell her soul by including these elements that Gaga does in her videos. I mean, Gaga sold her soul right? So if Ke$ha follows in Gaga’s footsteps, then she’ll soon reach the same alter too… right?

Gun symbol, Blood sacrifice and Unicorn flare (Ke$ha left, Gaga right):

Will Dakota Fanning Start Smoking With the Twilight New Moon Cast?

With all the hot kids on Twilight’s ‘New Moon’ smokin’ away, is the new kid on the block gonna need to find a way to fit in? Robert Pattinson is doing it! Kristen Stewart is doing it! That means it’s okay right!?
Dakota Fanning, at the innocent age of 15 years old, may start growing up A LOT right before our eyes! Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears all started their debauchery around 15 years old. Will Dakota stay out of trouble? Or will she get caught up in the party?