Colin Kaepernick Sporting PIGS IN COP HATS Socks During Practice

A photo has surfaced depicting starting SF 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick wearing “pigs wearing cop hats” practice socks.

CBS Sports is reporting that Kaepernick has been wearing the offensive anti-cop socks “since at least Aug. 10,” but somehow hasn’t been asked by the NFL to remove them.


Despite being largely irrelevant on the field now, Kaepernick has managed to make himself the subject of a flood of headlines after he declared that he would no longer stand for the national anthem because America “oppresses” minorities and allows its cops to “murder” innocent people of color. Continue reading

So How Did Joe Hicks Die?

Joe Hicks, a black conservative and community activist from Los Angeles, died Sunday. He was 75.

Hicks passed away at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica following complications after a routine hernia operation.

joe hicks cnn

In recent years Hicks — with his bald head and thick mustache — had become a familiar right-wing pundit in debates over the high-profile shooting deaths of black people at the hands of police officers. Continue reading

George Zimmerman CLOBBERED In FL Restaurant Over Trayvon Martin Comments

Via NYDailyNews: George Zimmerman was punched in the face at a Florida restaurant by a man who accused him of bragging about killing Trayvon Martin, police said.

Zimmerman dialed 911 to report he had been punched in the face at the Sanford eatery Sunday, according to a Seminole County Sheriff’s Office reported cited by WKMG-TV.

George Zimmerman gun trayvon

He told dispatchers a man who recognized who he was walked up to his table and slugged him after asking him “You’re bragging about that?” Continue reading

Stacey Dash: Trans People Should Go To Bathroom “In The Bushes”

During an interview with “Entertainment TonightFox News commentator and Clueless star, Stacey Dash, said that transgender people should go to the bathroom “in the bushes.”

“It’s your body! So, it’s your decision, right?” Dash said. “We all make choices.”

stacey dash twitter

When rebutted with the argument that transgender people don’t choose what they feel is their true gender identity, Dash said “OK, then go in the bushes. Continue reading

Producer AraabMuzik Shot In The Head In Harlem

Music producer AraabMuzik was shot in his head, jaw and right arm last night in Harlem. He is expected to survive.

A friend with AraabMuzik, (whose real name is Abraham Orellana,) was shot in the right leg in the incident. Both are recovering in area hospitals.

AraabMuzik Shot In Head In Harlem

Araabmuzik, whose real name is Abraham Orellana, was in the ProPark America parking garage on 125th Street when he and his friend Continue reading

So Why does Marco Rubio Sweat So Much?

On the heels of the 10th Republican debate, I awoke this morning with one burning question I needed answered badly, why the heck does Marco Rubio sweat so much?

We already know Rubio is known for suffering from dry mouth syndrome, but does that in any way explain his constant and profuse sweating problem? We turned to the internet for the answers.

Why does Marco Rubio Sweating

Q: Why does Marco Rubio sweat so much?
Every few seconds he’s dabbing at his face with a hanky because the sweat is raining down by the gallons, down his face, into his eyes . . . does he get nervous or does he have a perspiration problem?

A: It could be a condition called ‘Hyperhidrosis’. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen when a person is nervous, specifically. Individuals with this unfortunate condition can sweat profusely in a snowstorm much the same way anyone can sweat on a hot summer day. It’s mainly triggered by concentration when there are no other outliers.

They typically sweat while they are sleeping, after showers, and even while sitting in the shade on a cool day. They are their own personal oven since they perilously carry extra body heat, hence the sweating.

It isn’t curable and is unavoidable, and unfortunately, very embarrassing for the sufferer. h/t quora

Why does Marco Rubio Sweat So Much

Well now! That explains everything! Not.

Stacey Dash: This Is How BET Lies To Black People

Clueless star, Stacey Dash, isn’t mincing her words when it comes to doubling down on her call to rid the world of Black History Month.

Now the Fox & Friends commentator is going after BET, in an open letter called “How BET Lies to Black People.”

stacey dash twitter

“My problem goes back to the notion that every area of life needs to break down exactly according to demographic ratios except in those areas in which black people have decided they want to have their own space Continue reading

Tour of Utah Cyclist T BONES PORSCHE In Serious Crash

A crash was caught on video Saturday during Stage 6 of the Tour of Utah when a cyclist t-boned a Porsche acting as a follow along vehicle. The accident happened on a steep descent in the Utah mountain range, Guardsman Pass in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The rider, from the team MTN-QHUBEKA, collided with a support vehicle who at the time was playing the role of road hog.

tour of utah Aaron Cengiz crash 2

The cyclist, Aaron Cengiz was transported by ambulance to a local hospital, where he was alert and talking. He is listed in stable condition. Continue reading

Anonymous Calls For DAY OF RAGE: Sandra Bland Was MURDERED!

Hacktivist group, Anonymous, just released a shocking video detailing 10 reasons why they believe Sandra Bland did not commit suicide while in police custody, but was rather murdered.

In the video, which was uploaded to social media by Anon Intel Group, claims in part, that there is no question that Bland was murdered.

Anonymous sandra bland murdered

In one section, the controversial group cites Bland’s mugshot, explaining why they believe she was in-fact already dead at the time the photo was taken. Continue reading