Reporter SHOCKING CLAIM: Princess Diana Gave Me The Royal Rolodex

An embattled journalist on trial in the phone hacking case claims Princess Diana gave him the royal phone directory in 1992 during her feud with her estranged husband, Prince Charles.dianax

Former News of the World royal editor Clive Goodman said Thursday that Diana leaked him the directory.

He said Diana gave him details about Charles’ household staff in an envelope delivered to the newspaper’s offices. Continue reading

Preserves Made With Princess Diana Hair Hits Market

Yummy, now available online, Jam made with a dash of Princess Diana’s hair, no joke. Apparently the hair of the beloved Princess was purchased on an eBay action. A small portion of the hair was then mixed in the preserves.

Occult Jams also offers other flavors including sand from the Great Pyramids and wood from a British warship.

Sorry, I just lost my appetite.