Carrie Underwood Knows Why The Dems Lost

Carrie Underwood, appearing as co-host of country music’s biggest night, the CMAs, thinks she knows why President Obama and the Democrats lost the senate. Using the acronym P.P.T.S.D., (Spoiler alert, the P.P. – was short for “postpartum,” which of course, is one word, oops,) got huge laughs from the crowd.

Carrie and her hosting partner, Brad Paisley, went for a bit of political humor for the second year running via a reference to Taylor Swift’s abandoning of country music, dubbing it, Postpartum Taylor Swift Disorder..

PostPartum Taylor Swift Disorder underwood

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Did Brad Paisley Tell A Racist Joke Co-Hosting The CMAs?

Country Music Awards‘ co-host Brad Paisley made a joke during the broadcast that has many on social media calling it racist.

Some thought the quip was Paisley’s lame attempt at humor, while others vehemently objected to it, saying it crossed the line.


“If you were looking for Black-ish tonight, yeah, this ain’t it. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy White-ish.”
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Is Brad Paisley ANTI-BREASTFEEDING? This Young Mother Says YES

Megan Christopherson is the mother making news after she took her 4-month-old baby to a Brad Paisley concert and got booted out over breastfeeding the tyke in public.

Christopherson was attending the country singer’s show when cops approached her, expressing concern that her child might be too young to attend a concert.


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